Samsung Knox

All-in-one solution for enterprise mobility

With Knox Suite, we offer your business an all-in-one solution for securing, deploying, managing, and analyzing your Android devices during their entire enterprise mobility journey. What more do you need? Outstanding technical support when implementing the solution into your modern workplace, of course. As a Knox Certified Reseller and Managed Service Provider, mobco’s workplace experts offer support for all Knox solutions, so you can get the most out of your mobile fleet.

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Market-proven security to forward your business

As one vulnerability is enough to take control of your mobile fleet, Knox Platform For Enterprise secures your devices in every layer at all times, with both built-in and managed security. By introducing remote device health attestation, government-grade data protection and advanced network security, you can focus on your core business, no matter what.

Setting-up devices for work instantly across any environment

Knox Mobile Enrollment, that’s deployment and configuration made easy. Saving time and reducing interaction with less steps and an automated Wi-Fi setup? A wide range of secure enrollment options including automatic certification install and firewall configuration? Efficient device staging in cloud, local and hybrid environments? Check!

Comprehensive management over work devices and OS versions

Thanks to Knox Manage, managing all stages of the device lifecycle was never easier. With easy-to-use, yet advanced management features as location tracking and kiosk mode and software update management features as the possibility of triggering updates on all devices without interrupting the workflow, Samsung empowers your workforce to achieve more in the office or the field.

Advanced system software update control

To ensure that every device operates on the OS version that best suits your business’ needs, Samsung introduced Knox E-FOTA, an enterprise solution that puts your business in charge of the firmware updates of all your Android devices. With Knox E-FOTA, the right OS version is deployed to every device, at the right time while ensuring app stability due to its seamless updates, all pushed without interrupting the workflow. Say hello to maximum productivity and security!

Actionable insights for your corporate fleet

A cloud console giving your IT team actionable insights into the status of your smartphones and tablets out in the field, including how they are being used, and if they are experiencing any performance or battery issues? That must be Knox Asset Intelligence (KAI). Onboard KAI and improve the management, productivity, and lifecycle of your business devices with data-driven intelligence.

Knox Suite, all solutions in one bundle

Enhancing your business in managing industry-leading Knox services on behalf of your customers? That’s where Samsung’s free Managed Service Provider (MSP) program comes to play. Samsung MSP – supporting Knox Configure, Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Manage, Samsung Care+ for business and Knox Guard – allows your business to jointly manage the Knox services of multiple customers through a single interface. By eliminating the need for your customers to create a Knox service or Samsung account and delinking and independently managing their devices and data, onboarding and overseeing new or existing customers was never easier.

Customizing Samsung devices for any business purpose

Want the roll-out of your modern workplace to be even more efficient? Then Knox Configure might be the perfect addition to the Knox Suite. This cloud-based service empowers your enterprise to customize Samsung devices for almost any business purpose. Pre-installing required business apps, pre-configuring default device settings, eliminating the need for restaging, even after a factory reset? Say no more!

Extensive technical support

Our Samsung Platinum Reseller, Knox Certified Partner and Managed Service Provider status underline what your company may expect when it comes to Samsung products, solutions, implementation, and support. Our certified team of experts has access to the most powerful and flexible management capabilities to help you get the most out of your Samsung technologies, even after implementation.

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