Mobile access to all your on-premise files in just one click

With companies and people becoming increasingly connected, seamless access to multiple applications from anywhere and on any device is essential for maintaining efficiency and offering an outstanding employee experience. As app usage continues to grow, the solution lies in enabling single-sign-on for instant access to cloud and on-premise network shares, a practice that, at first glance, doesn’t seem possible on Android devices. Or is it? With over ten years of experience in enterprise mobility, mobco, together with Hypergate, knows how to enable seamless mobile access to your business apps.

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Seamless single-sign-on on Android & iOS

Hypergate Authenticator delivers a seamless and secure Single-Sign-On (SSO) solution for Android and iOS devices, leveraging the industry standard Kerberos to provide the best user experience without compromising security. With the solution being up and running in just a couple of minutes, the employee can access all your business-critical applications and on-premise data in a fast and secure way. Want your employees to gain even more independence? In case of password issues, Hypergate empowers them to reset the password themselves and this directly on their mobile device.

Secure mobile file access

There are many reasons to move data to the cloud, but there are also many to keep some on-premise. What is key to either approach is a simple, consistent, and secure user experience. With Hypergate Files your employees can now collaborate freely with their teams and edit all on-premise files directly on their mobile devices like they are used to on their computer. A big step forward in today’s working from anywhere world!

An extra mile for an outstanding employee experience

By combining our in-depth Hypergate knowledge with our enterprise mobility expertise, we know how to enable you to offer the best possible mobile user experience. Together, we will analyze how to integrate Hypergate into your existing infrastructure and will assist you in the implementation and deployment process. Even after the roll out, our workplace experts continue to support you to ensure a smooth operation and an outstanding employee experience.