Break the rules of business

As a Platinum Reseller, we, together with Samsung, push the limits of what’s possible, so your business can do too. With its wide range of premium hardware, Samsung offers a solution for every user, workload, and business purpose. You can count on us to help you identify and implement the devices that best suit your needs and preferences. Say hello to the ultimate employee experience!

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A Galaxy for every job and budget

Samsung, known for its famous Galaxy S range, has the most complete mobile portfolio in the industry. From high-end smartphones competing in the top segment, over rugged hardware made for the blue-collar industries, the Samsung Galaxy devices provide affordable, secure, workplace-ready options for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Everything you need to conquer the world of work

When buying a new device, you may think that your modern workplace is ready to go, but it’s not that simple. Having the right accessories at your disposal to facilitate working from anywhere and on any device, is just as crucial. From phone covers over keyboards to monitors, Samsung offers everything you need to conquer the world of work.

PC in your pocket

When you can use your cell phone as a computer, efficiency isn’t the only thing that increases. A mobile-only infrastructure requires less budget than maintaining both a mobile and desktop infrastructure. With DeX, Samsung brings a desktop-like user experience to Android and helps bridge the gap between smartphones and desktops. Take multitasking to the next level, explore the possibilities of Samsung Dex.

Complete set of tools to secure, deploy and manage

With the launch of the new Knox Suite, Samsung provides an all-in solution for complex mobility requirements by offering a set of tools to secure, deploy and manage devices. All with a streamlined user experience for both IT administrators and end-users.

Financing tailored to your organization

Thanks to our solid partnership with financial institutions, mobco can facilitate access to digital solutions by removing the financial and operational hurdles for your business to introduce Samsung devices and accessories. We even have several alternatives at hand, letting you pick your favorite finance partner. Full control over your Samsung fleet? Check!

State-of-the-art hardware, exceptional services

By purchasing Samsung hardware at mobco, you gain access to our premium support services. Not only will the chosen devices be delivered pre-configured for work at the location of choice, we also offer managed services for the entire employee workplace for a fixed fee per employee per month. No more surprises!