mobco workplace for the employee

Easily choose and order your favorite workplace devices

Access to the tools that we know and love to do our job, that’s what we call motivation to perform our best work! With mobco workplace you can now easily order and manage your favorite workplace tools yourself. The devices are shipped pre-configured for work to the location of choice, so you can get started immediately.

A familiar, passwordless login experience

No matter what your role might be in the enterprise, you probably don’t like memorizing unique credentials of multiple logins. And even when you think you got them all stored, you might have forgotten at least one of them by the time you need to use it. With Workplace Single Sign-On, you no longer have to hop between multiple login URLs or spend hours on the phone with IT to reset your password. You can just use your one set of login credentials to gain access to mobco workplace, just like for your other corporate applications and data.

An up-to-date overview of your workplace

Once you are logged in, it’s time to start uncovering your workplace. The Workplace Dashboard offers a quick and general overview of your assigned assets, open tickets, remaining vouchers, and much more. On top, the Dashboard provides access to the Workplace Store where you can order your favorite (workplace) tools, whether as a part of your cafeteria plan.

Worry-free ordering of your favorite workplace tools

Let’s face it, we all prefer working with the tools that we are most familiar with. And through mobco’s Workplace Store, that’s a dream coming true. Based on your role and position within the company, you gain access to a customized web store on which you can order your favorite workplace devices. Our real-time stock overview gives you an indication on when you may expect the pre-configured device to be delivered at the location of choice. Want to work on an upgraded model? Thanks to our flexible payment methods, you can pay the on-top amount through several online banking methods or your flexible income plan.

24/7 assistance for all workplace-related issues

Slow internet, printer issues, login difficulties. We all experience some IT issues from time to time. Our Workplace Support team is used to dealing with such common IT problems and is here to help you get a hang on all your support related questions 24/7. Need your device to be repaired? There too, they can lend you a hand. All you have to do is open a ticket through the Workplace platform.