Second Life IT

Together towards a more sustainable electronics industry

The average price of a used handset increases, with some models retaining a nice percentage of their initial value at the end of their lifecycle. Maximize your IT budget, claim the residual value of old hardware devices. mobco takes care of the entire device trade-in process, from real-time quoting and order tracking over secure shipping, and guaranteed data erasure.

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Maximize your IT budget

If your company has decided it’s time to get rid of its technology fleet, why not contact a recycler and get paid for your older smartphones, tablets, and laptops through either reuse or recycling? With mobco you can easily realize the value of your existing hardware and trade it in for cash. A great way to maximize your IT budget, no?

Give your IT equipment a second life

As offering an outstanding employee experience is key in today’s modern workplace, you undoubtably want your staff to work with the best equipment on the market. But what do to with workplace tools that have not extended their lifespan yet? Giving them a second life, of course! mobco refurbishes the collected devices and ensures a smooth collection, transparent reporting, and certified data wipe.

Recycle your old workstations

Is there still a lot of old or broken IT equipment lying around in your company or organization? These devices contain rare elements such as gold, silver, copper, and nickel. Much-needed rare materials in today’s world! Are you looking for a reliable partner for the proper recycling of your old IT equipment? mobco ensures that your devices get a new destination and are destroyed safely. Together towards a greener electronics industry!

Pursue a greener image with peace of mind

With our second life IT services, trading in legacy devices was never easier. We take full responsibility for the entire process, from collecting your IT assets over diagnosis and evaluation to erasure, destruction, and/or repair. We work together with certified partners to offer you the best experience and peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Applicable to a wide range of products

Freedom of choice lies at the heart of today’s modern workplace. Enabling your employees to work on their device of choice results in more productive, creative and happier employees. To facilitate your business in rolling out a future-proof modern workplace that supports flexibility, our second life IT program includes multi-vendor smartphones, tablets and even Apple laptops.

Part of our Device as a Service solutions

When your company decides to implement our Device as a Service (DaaS) solutions, you gain access to our second life IT services. We take over your IT equipment, determine the residual value, review and delete your corporate data and make sure to document the entire process so you know that no errors occurred. All for the same fixed fee per workplace per month.