Our mission & vision

By 2030 most enterprises will have outsourced their modern workplace to enable maximum employee flexibility and optimise enterprise resources. A shift that’s been driven by the conversion of two opposing challenges.

On one hand, the constant war for talent drives employee flexibility. Employees want a say in when to work, where and on what device. Standardisation becomes impossible, complexity rises and so do costs. At the same time, your enterprise should focus its available talent on important business challenges while reducing costs to remain competitive.

While this is a challenge for one sole enterprise, it becomes an opportunity when volumes grow and services can be scaled across multiple organisations. The modern workplace demands a modern outsourcing model, and as a modern workplace provider, that is what mobco has to offer.

The mobco workplace offering covers the entire modern workplace lifecycle, from acquisition up to repair, and includes scalable employee support. This allows your enterprise to offer employee flexibility while improving cost efficiency.

To reinforce its customers and prospects in enrolling a future-proof modern workplace, mobco was acquired by CWSI in July 2022. This acquisition enables mobco to draw on direct access to an even wider and deeper team of highly skilled people who will provide each customer with a very proactive and tailored service based on their unique needs within the modern workplace.The CWSI Group also includes BLAUD, a mobility and security specialist based in Utrecht, Netherlands.