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Microsoft Compliance

The ever-growing regulatory burden creates a continuous challenge for businesses striving to comply. And as the frequency and complexity of regulations keeps rising, so are the concerns on how corporate data is collected, analyzed and secured. At mobco, we take a unique approach to data and compliance to keep your sensitive data safe and secure at all times.

Compliance challenges in today’s landscape

Nowadays, businesses around the globe are facing numerous external threats. On top, the complexity arising from hybrid workplace security also remains a challenge for many. As a result over 88% of organisations no longer have confidence in their ability to detect and prevent the loss of sensitive data. To reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance, classifying organisational data is imperative.

The importance of data compliance

Businesses of all sizes are finding it increasingly difficult to protect data from unauthorized access, misuse, and breaches. Their biggest challenge? Trying to understand how to map-out and control data and activities. Considerable barriers that, according to IBM, result in 80% of corporate data being “dark”, meaning that it is not classified, protected or governed. Nevertheless, the importance of data compliance cannot be overstated. Not taking the necessary measures to preserve your corporate data may result in fines, penalties, lawsuits, reputational damage, and more. Putting the right processes and regulatory compliance in place is thus crucial when looking to safeguard the information that your business collects and manages.

Secure from A to Z 

      Data compliance is a complex process. And the larger your organization, the more complicated it becomes. With only approximately 6% of organizations ready to embark on an information security and compliance journey, our state-of-the-art compliance service aims at helping you take the leap of faith. We combine our in-depth knowledge of security and compliance with our know-how from countless mobility projects to design and implement the best compliance journey, regardless of the size of your business and the industry that you are active in. With advice on and support during the entire journey, we ensure that your sensitive corporate data stays secure at all times.

mobco’s state-of-the-art compliance service

To maintain our high standards, we have developed our renowned Microsoft Compliance Service utilising Microsoft Purview, powered by Cogni. mobco’s compliance service is a tiered process aimed at helping you identify, understand and take action on your business-critical data where and when needed. 

mobco's Data Compliance Approach


  1. Plan your compliance journey with our data compliance experts.
  2. Uncover critical information.
  3. Make use of our AI-driven content recognition to consider the entire context of your files.
  4. Gain a granular understanding and assess how the information flows across your environment.
  5. Automate your classification and protection by integrating with Microsoft Purview.
  6. Perform ongoing scans to rediscover and reclassify your data.