Ivanti / MobileIron

The first mobile-centric security platform

The UEM solution from Ivanti/MobileIron is built to manage corporate data in a world where people access cloud data using mobile devices and modern endpoints. In short, its cloud and on-premise solutions offer everything your organization needs for a secure hybrid workplace with a strong focus on employee experience, employee choice and privacy. As a Premier Partner and Authorized Training Partner, mobco’s workplace experts have the highest level of technical expertise to support your business in enrolling a future-proof modern workplace.

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Safe access to data and apps on any device, everywhere

Companies that want to stay competitive need to give their employees a say in the devices used for work, making the management of the modern workplace increasingly challenging for their IT teams. With Ivanti/MobileIron Neurons for UEM, a single solution for modern management of any iOS, Android, macOS and Windows device, securing and managing endpoints was never easier. Onboarding devices and provisioning them over the air with all the apps, settings, and security configurations, while delivering a delightful, native user experience across any device, that is what we are going for!

Cloud access without passwords

Ivanti/MobileIron’s Zero Sign-On ends the pain of accessing business resources through passwords. Reduce risk, enforce smart, risk-based policies to prevent unauthorized users, endpoints, apps, or services from connecting to enterprise cloud services, while enabling passwordless authentication by using mobile devices as the user ID and primary factor for authentication. Leverage this groundbreaking solution, expand security in your modern workplace.

Defend and remediate mobile threats

Leverage Ivanti/MobileIron’s Mobile Threat Defense solution, a multi-tired approach to phishing protection and remediation, to support the best security posture for your organization. On top, the solution, powered by machine learning algorithms, ensures protection against unnecessary expenses, gains actionable insights to determine appropriate compliance actions, mitigates data loss and is available in different cloud-based and on-premises deployment options.

Secure productivity apps

To help your workforce stay productive and secure, Ivanti/MobileIron bundled its best-in-class solutions in the Productivity Apps Suite. With Help@Work, Ivanti/MobileIron allows iOS and Android users to simply tap to share their screen with the help desk staff, enabling them to resolve problems and get back to work as quick as possible. Docs@Work, gives end-users an intuitive way to access, annotate, share, and view documents from email, SharePoint, and a variety of other on-premises and cloud repositories. Through Web@Work, Ivanti/MobileIron provides an app-specific tunnel to give users seamless, secure and immediate access to internal web content. With Email+ it aims at doing the same for email content. AppConnect & AppTunnel, lastly, provide advanced security for mobile apps and data.

Mobile gateway and VPN

Quickly enabling your remote workforce with secure connectivity to apps on premise and in the cloud? Ivanti/MobileIron has got you covered. With Ivanti/MobileIron Sentry, an intelligent security gateway, and Ivanti/MobileIron Tunnel, a secure VPN solution, you can easily deploy conditional access to apps and services on-premise and in the cloud, data encryption across all networks, and passwordless authentication. 

Securing apps with sensitive information

For many businesses, workforce dynamics have changed. For companies onboarding lots of seasonal or contract employees a mobile application solution to securely equip them with the needed mobile apps to get the job done, would make life so much easier. With AppStation, Ivanti/MobileIron provides secure access to authorized apps for both managed and unmanaged mobile devices. In addition to secure access, AppStation is the only Mobile Application Management solution integratable with Ivanti/MobileIron’s Mobile Threat Defense solution.

Outstanding (end-user) support

With our Premier Partner status, we guarantee the highest level of technical MobileIron expertise, which we apply together with our know-how from numerous mobility projects to develop a future-proof solution tailored to your company’s needs and requirements. Our modern workplace experts are happy to advise and assist you with the implementation of the project and are available for post-project support.