mobco’s highlights on the newly launched devices at Samsung Unpacked 2020

Feb 12, 2020 | Hardware, Samsung

Last night, Samsung held its latest Unpacked-event and presented some new flagship-smartphones to the world. While rumors and leaks already gave us an idea on what to expect, we were still on the edge of our seats to find out all on the new line up… Off we go!


Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip

The Galaxy Z Flip was up first. Movie-lovers already saw a surprise-ad for this new ‘clamshell foldable’ during the Oscars-show and were going wild. With ‘Flex Mode’, users are able to split the phone’s display into two 4 inch screens showing different types of content each. Think of a video call on the top screen and call control buttons on the bottom one. Unlike the previous foldable phone (the Galaxy Fold) the new Galaxy Z Flip is coming to the Belux-region as well! As of the 21th of February priced at € 1.240 (list price excl. VAT). Early adopters will be queuing in front of the Samsung-shops to get their hands on the first distributed devices.


Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20

Up next is the new Galaxy S20, Coming in three flavors (S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra), this new member of the Galaxy family focuses on quality. An upgraded, AI powered camera (up to 108MP and shooting video’s at 8K!), an all-day battery and a new and more secure processor, it features the premium technologies that Galaxy fans have come to know and expect. For business users: the new S20 range is secured by the Knox-platform,  compatible with DEX desktop mode and holds an IP68-score for water and dust resistance. With the S20 Ultra you can go up to 16GB RAM. On top of this, the S20 Ultra is the first 5G-compatible device. While politicians in Belgium are still delaying the 5G-network, it’s clear to say that telco companies and smartphone manufacturers are eager to use it.


The S20 is available as of the 13th of March.


  • S20: as of € 743 (excl. VAT)
  • S20+: as of 825,62 (excl. VAT)
  • S20 Ultra: as of €1.114 (excl. VAT)


Galaxy Buds+

For closers, we provide an update on the new Galaxy Buds+. Packed with Spotify integration, improved battery and 3 mics it provides an unparalleled sound and voice quality.


Interested to learn more about the new Samsung devices, how to get hold of them in a purchase model or leasing proposal? Let us know! Buying at mobco provides you extra benefits in terms of extended warranty AND included business software features, at no extra charge!