Samsung Galaxy XCover 4s is our most popular device for factory workers and industry settings

Business Series

The Enterprise Experience with Samsung and mobco

As premier partner of Samsung we carry a lot of expertise in the hardware, but even more in the integration of the Samsung devices into your business.

Run rugged smartphones in kiosk mode to enable only corporate apps, use your smartphone as PC by connecting it to a larger screen, securing data on the device with Knox Suite.

Get the best Enterprise Experience on Samsung devices!

Find out more Samsung DeX and see how you use your smartphone as desktop computer.

The best (rugged) smartphones and tablets on the market

Samsung, known for its famous Galaxy S range, has the most complete portfolio in the industry. From high-end smartphones competing in the top segment, over rugged hardware made for the blue-collar industries, up to cost efficient tools to keep costs under control.

Our favourite still is the Xcover, a device goes beyond the standard capabilities of a smartphone. 

The new XCover 4s is built to the MIL-STD 810G standards for ruggedness and has IP68 water and dust resistance rating. With some convenient features such as the XCover Key, LED Torch Light, Glove Touch and its changeable battery (rare these days in the smartphone range), the XCover 4s is an absolute must-have for your employees working in tough environments.

mobco: your partner for the updated KNOX Suite

With the launch of the new Knox Suite, Samsung provides an all-in solution for complex mobility requirements by offering a set of tools to secure, deploy and manage devices. All with a streamlined user experience for both the end user as the IT administrators.

Knox Suite combines the advanced security features of Knox Platform for Enterprise with cloud-bases services like Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA. This combination enables IT admins to safeguard data at booth the hardware and software level.

Knox Suite includes the following Samsung Knox products:

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise 
    Enables IT admins to safeguard data at both the hardware and software level, removing the risk of being compromised on Samsung devices.
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment 
    Allows IT admins to bulk enroll Samsung devices into their enterprise, without the need for IMEI management and verification.
  • Knox Manage
    Easy-to-use, cloud based EMM for IT admins to monitor and manage devices and secure corporate data across multiple operating systems. It can also create purpose-built appliances such as kiosks.
  • Knox E-FOTA 
    Offers organizations granular controls for remote OS version management on Samsung mobile devices without end-user interaction.

The benefits of using Knox Suite


  1. All-in-one Knox B2B package
    An end-to-end solution that covers every step of your enterprise mobility journey
  2. Simplified license management
    You only need one license key to use all included products.
  3. Streamlined onboarding process
    Register once and gain access to all included Knox products.
  4. Seamless IT admin user experience
    IT admin can easily access bundled Knox consoles through single sign-on.
Knox Layered Protection Transparant

We make the best hardware even better

With the Business Series you get the best hardware in a professional package to make it even better.

The devices come pre-configured and work out-of-the-box in your enterprise environment. Automatic configuration of email, app installation and configuration, … we even eliminate the use of passwords!

There’s extra hardware protection to ensure your device has an extra long life. 

Free software licenses included to ensure you get the most out of your hardware and go beyond the use of mobile mail!


Most frequent questions and answers

No extra cost, you get more for the same price as the device!

Both options are possible, you decide to buy or lease!


For sure, the whole range of professional management and control capabilities are available; support for zero-touch enrolment, full remote and automatic configuration, full security and a completely customizable employee experience. On top of all that, when buying at mobco, you get an extra warranty! 

No problem, go to the Samsung website or contact us for more information! 

Yes, you can! Like all business solutions, Samsung offers you a full-feature 90-day trial of Knox Suite so you can see how powerful and easy it is to use.


Yes, customers will still be able to get free trials for and purchase Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox Mobile Enrollment, and Knox E-FOTA.


If you had previously purchased Knox Manage, you can purchase Knox Suite and replace your existing Knox Manage license key with a new Knox Suite license key within the Knox Manage tenant.

If you had previously purchased Knox E-FOTA, either the ‘on MDM’ or ‘Advanced’ edition, you will have to migrate your devices to Knox Suite. This means you will have to stop using your existing E-FOTA version and move to Knox E-FOTA One included in the Knox Suite.


Some premium features of Knox Platform for Enterprise will be available with the Knox Suite key in the Knox Manage console via the Knox Service Plugin. This includes DeX, Advanced restriction features, device customization controls, Work profile configuration, Enterprise billing, and Secure Browser. More premium features will be available shortly.