Stay Connected

Mar 26, 2020 | Hardware, Samsung

People stay connected with their relatives using controlled tablets and smartphones in hospitals and elderly care.

Together with Samsung and based on our experience in hospitals and elderly care, we now launch the project “1 euro a day to stay connected”!

We recently did several healthcare projects based on Samsung hardware combined with our expert support. We automated the configuration of the device, pushed apps remotely and limited access to settings to avoid down time. This got us thinking and together with Samsung we now launch a new initiative for the sector in our country that needs it the most: healthcare.

“The IT people from the hospital and elderly care homes have enough on their mind, so the devices are automatically configured the moment these are switched on for the first time.” says Jean-Francois Rigot, senior consultant at mobco. On top, the system is temper proof; Only those apps that are required for patient communication (like Skype and a browser) are allowed, all other apps and settings are blocked (Kiosk mode). “This way the devices stay operational without any hands-no service needed.” Jean-Francois concludes.

For just 1 Euro a day we’re shipping the top range devices, pre-configured and restricted, to the hospitals who sign in to this program.

The devices we selected, with the help of Samsung, are ‘special’ Xcover Pro smartphones. The smartphone survive drops and are one of the few on the market that can be sanitised using alcohol to kill the virus. Using the Samsung software and mobco services, we customize the entire patient experience: we make it extra simple to use, from selected apps to even the wallpaper on the device.