Apple At Work: MacOS Monterey business features worth uncovering

Oct 21, 2021 | Apple, Hardware, iOS

It’s official: macOS Monterey has arrived. Curious what Apple’s latest Mac software update has in store for your business? Let us get you up to speed. With a few new key features coming to macOS with the arrival of Monterey, working from anywhere, on any device and from any location becomes even easier – The modern workplace made easy! But what’s new and on which devices can you install macOS Monterey? An overview on all business novelties.


1. Universal Control

By introducing universal control, it’s now possible to share a single keyboard and mouse across multiple Apple devices. When you place an iPad near your macOS Monterey device and move your mouse to the edge of the screen, a new cursor will pop up on your iPad’s screen, allowing you to use your mouse and keyboard on your tablet. Besides, universal control can be used to drag and drop files across multiple devices – making working across devices easier than ever.


2. Focus Tools

By adding Focus Tools to macOS, you can now customize your alerts and notifications based on your current situation. So, if you, for example, want to be focused during your remote meetings, you can pause all notifications. The pushed notification settings will sync with all your Apple devices, warning those who try to reach out to you that you’re currently unavailable. Ready – set – focus!


3. Facetime Upgrades

The Facetime upgrades being inaugurated with macOS, make Facetime a great alternative for Zoom. Next to introducing spatial audio, you are now able to share presentations over Facetime and can invite Windows and Android users to join the call.


4. Low-power Mode

Quickly finishing up whatever you’re doing before your computer’s battery dies? With macOS Monterey you can now play with the battery odds on your portable Mac too. By reducing your Mac’s processor speed and lowering screen brightness, you can easily prolong your battery life.


5. Shortcuts

To help you streamline your workflow, the popular Shortcuts app from iOS has made its entry on macOS. The Shortcuts app helps you automate certain time-consuming tasks by letting you add a series of actions as shortcuts and access them through Siri, Finder, Doc and many other areas. When using Automater, it’s even possible to import all of your workflows in Shortcuts. Being even more productive and efficient, check!


6. Airplay to Mac

With Airplay, a long-requested feature has finally found its way to Mac. Thanks to macOS Monterey Mac users can now turn their desktop into a secondary display for their iPhone or iPad. Besides your desktop and laptop can also be used as an AirPlay 2 speaker for higher quality audio.


7. Shared With You

It’s easy to lose track of files, pictures, links and other content that your colleagues have shared with you through messages. Or not anymore. With the new Shared with You section, organizing and catching up with previously shared content was never easier. Less time having to spend on opening the messenger app and scrolling through the conversation to find the piece of content you are looking for, more time to focus on your actual duties.

macOS Monterey runs on the following devices: iMac late 2015 and later, iMac Pro 2017 and later, MacBook Air early 2015 and later, MacBook Pro early 2015 and later, MacBook Pro late 2013 and later, Mac mini late 2014 and later, MacBook early 2016 and later. 

Eager to get started with macOS Monterey but can you use a helping hand discovering its newest features? We’re happy to get you up to speed. Just download the latest version of our free Apple for Enterprise whitepaper.  


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