Let Loose: Revolutionising the Workplace with new Apple iPads & Accessories

May 7, 2024 | Apple, Hardware, iOS

Apple’s Let loose event just wrapped up, bringing us exciting iPad-centered innovations poised to revolutionise professional environments. To get you up to speed on what’s new for business, this blog highlights the key novelties announced and how these new features and updates are expected to enhance productivity and collaboration in the workplace.

Apple hosting an event just before WWDC is an unexpected move, but the iPad line up was definitely overdue for some love. Since the last iPad release in October 2022, there has been growing anticipation around Apple’s next tablet refresh.

Apple has met the buzz by unveiling a range of new iPads and accessories designed to elevate workplace efficiency and productivity. The start of the show? That is for sure the next generation iPad Pro models, which many have been eagerly awaiting.

The newly announced iPads and accessories offer significant improvements in display quality, design, performance, and camera capabilities. These upgrades provide insight into Apple’s vision for the future of iPad computing and reaffirm its position as an industry innovator.

Let’s dive into what’s new (for business).


M4: Rocket Chip

Brand-new Apple M4 Silicon Chip

The new M4 chip will debut in the 2024 iPad Pro line-up, making the iPad Pro one of the most powerful AI devices on the market. A summary of its specifications.

  • The M4 chip employs second-generation 3nm technology and features a 10-core CPU with four performance cores and six efficiency cores. According to Apple, this setup makes the chip 50% more powerful than the M2 chip in the previous iPad Pro.
  • The M4’s 10-core GPU supports dynamic caching, mesh shading, and ray tracing. It also includes a new display engine that provides a rendering speed four times faster than that of the M2.


iPad Pro: Thinpossible

Apple iPad Pro M4

The highlight of the event is undoubtedly the next-generation iPad Pro models. Equipped with the new M4 chip and OLED screen, the 2024 iPad Pro is poised to reshape the workplace. Let’s explore the latest (business) enhancements.

  • The new iPad Pro is the first Apple device to feature the M4 chip, which includes an upgraded Neural Engine designed to boost the tablet’s AI capabilities. This marks the beginning of Apple’s move into AI-focused hardware.
  • For the first time, OLED displays are being introduced to the iPad. Both the 13-inch and 11-inch models now feature OLED technology, offering benefits like enhanced brightness and substantial improvements in contrast. Perfect for workloads where colour accuracy is essential!
  • The switch to OLED displays allows both iPad models to become significantly thinner and lighter. The larger model is about 5.1 mm think, the smaller model 5.3 mm. This makes the devices easier to hold for extended periods and more convenient for travel.
  • The iPad Pro is now shifting its front-facing camera to the longer side of the bezel, centring it for landscape orientation just like Mac cameras. This long-awaited change eliminates the video conferencing issue where users appeared to be looking to the side instead of directly at the person they were speaking with.
  • Apple has improved the cameras in the new iPad Pro for superior image quality and upgraded the adaptive flash for more efficient document scanning.
  • The new industrial design of the iPad Pro 2024 improves the thermals of the device by up to 20%, resulting in an overall 4x performance boost compared to the previous-generation iPad.
  • The iPad Pro provides high-performance connectivity with a USB-C connector supporting Thunderbolt 3 and USB 4, enabling fast transfers up to 40Gb/s. Besides, it offers Wi-Fi 6E for rapid wireless connections and 5G cellular for seamless on-the-go access.
  • The new iPad Pro is compatible with the new versions of the Magic Keyboard and the Apple Pencil.

The new iPad Pro now offers a base storage of 256 GB, which is an upgrade from the previous model. The iPad Pro 2024, available in silver and space black finishes, can be pre-ordered as of May 7 and will be delivered starting May 15. Prices start from €963,01 (VAT Excl.) for the 11-inch model. The 12.9-inch model starts at €1239,51 (VAT excl.).


iPad Air: Fresh Air

Apple iPad Air M2

It’s been over two years since Apple launched a new iPad Air. This changes with the arrival of the iPad Air 2024. Let’s take a closer look at the most important new (business) features.  

  • For the first time, the iPad Air now features a 13-inch screen, expanding the size options beyond the Pro lineup.This expansive display allows users to enhance their creativity in apps like Freeform and smoothly multitask with Split View.
  • The previous iPad Air was equipped with an M1 chip, while the new models now include an M2 chip, delivering a 50% increase in performance. This upgrade provides exceptional power and performance, making the device highly capable for artificial intelligence applications.
  • The newly redesigned iPad Air, similar to the iPad Pro, positions the front-facing camera along the landscape edge, making it easier to conduct online meetings.
  • The new iPad Air empowers business professionals to work from anywhere with its portable design, all-day battery life, stunning Liquid Retina Display, and fast Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity.
  • The iPad Air has emphasised offering new colours since the fourth generation. The previous model replaced green with purple and slightly altered the blue option. With the 2024 iPad Air, Apple is introducing a blue, purple, starlight, and space grey finish.

The 2024 iPad Air can be pre-ordered as of May 7 and will be delivered as of Wednesday May 15. Pricing for the 11-inch model with 128 GB storage starts at €568,01 (VAT Excl.). The iPad Air 13-inch with 128GB storage has a retail price of €765,51 (VAT Excl.).



Magic Keyboard: Innovation is Key

Apple Magic Keyboard Apple iPad Pro M4

The current Magic Keyboard prioritises aesthetics over practicality. The new Magic Keyboard – the first major revision of the iPad Pro’s Magic Keyboard since its launch in 2020 – adopts a more professional approach. Let’s explore how it is tailored to improve workplace efficiency and productivity.

  • The new Magic Keyboard keeps the cantilevered double-hinged design but upgrades the palm rest to aluminium from plastic, giving the iPad a more laptop-like feel.
  • A larger trackpad is on its way, a welcome change from the significantly smaller trackpad on the current Magic Keyboard compared to the MacBook Air and Pro.
  • The Magic Keyboard now includes a long-awaited function row, providing easy access to controls such as screen brightness, volume adjustment, and play/pause.
  • The new Magic Keyboard is available in two sizes: one for the 11-inch iPad Pro and another for the 13-inch iPad Pro. This latest version is tailored specifically for the new M4 iPad Pro, boasting a slimmer design that complements the updated tablet. Owners of the new M2 iPad Air will need to continue using the older Magic Keyboard model.

The new Magic Keyboard is available in black and silver for a retail price of €275,71 (VAT Excl.). Pre-orders begin on May 7, with shipping starting on May 14.



Apple Pencil Pro: Engineered for Limitless Creativity

Apple Pencil Pro

The Apple Pencil line-up is set to grow with the addition of a fourth-generation model. Let’s take a closer look at the features and improvements announced.

  • The Apple Pencil Pro closely resembles the 2nd-generation Apple Pencil and maintains all its key features, such as magnetic charging and pairing, double-tap functionality, and tilt and pressure sensitivity. Yet, it introduces four new enhancements that users have long desired:
    • A gyroscope that allows for rolling the pencil to adjust brush orientation
    • A taptic engine for haptic feedback
    • Find My support
    • Squeeze sensitivity for accessing palettes or modifying tool options like weights or colours
  • The 2nd-generation Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad Pro and iPad Air models from recent years, but not with the new M2 iPad Air or M4 iPad Pro. In contrast, Apple Pencil Pro works exclusively with both sizes of the new M2 iPad Air and M4 iPad Pro.

The fourth generation Apple Pencil is available as of May 7 for a retail price of €117,71 (VAT excl.).

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