Samsung, mobco and Viva Wallet launch a smart payment solution for large and small merchants

Oct 5, 2022 | Hardware, mobco news, Samsung

Since 1 July 2022, both large and small merchants in Belgium are obliged to offer a digital payment option. Samsung, mobco and Viva Wallet are now offering merchants a solution that is not only very easy to use, but also secure, flexible, fast, and fiscally advantageous.


Since 1 July 2022, all businesses, regardless of their size and the sector in which they operate, must offer at least one electronic payment solution to their retail customers. That way, customers, if they wish, will always have the option to pay digitally. Consumers seem won over, yet, quite a few businesses do not yet comply with the new regulations.

“Not all merchants have an electronic payment system in place yet,” says Pascal Bungeneers, head of B2B Mobile at Samsung. “Think for example of snack bar operators, dentists or beauticians. Them we want to offer a simple solution: a Tap to Pay smartphone “, continues Pascal Bungeneers.


Payment revolution

A unique partnership between the South Korean Samsung, the BeLux IT company mobco and the European cloud-based neobank Viva Wallet resulted in a quick and low-cost payment solution for large enterprises, traditional retailers, small independents, liberal professions, market vendors and even associations: a pre-configured Samsung smartphone powered with advanced software, turning it into a card terminal.

“We are excited for this partnership with Samsung and mobco. The pre-installed Viva Wallet POS app equals complete freedom. In essence, it transforms any android device to a card terminal. It revolutionizes payments. Transactions can be completed anywhere, anytime, fast, secure, frictionless, and legacy-hardware-free. Merchants align with current payment trends to the benefit of their business, while consumers enjoy more options. This partnership guarantees a superior payment experience for all,” comments Dimitris Papaioannou, Regional Director at Viva Wallet.


Satisfied customers

The plus point of this bundle? Merchants can start accepting payments right away. “You don’t have to install applications first,” explains Pascal Bungeneers. “You simply turn on your smartphone and as soon as you are connected to the internet, your profile is automatically downloaded, thanks to the Samsung Knox software, managed by mobco. The Viva Wallet POS app immediately appears on the screen. Activate it, using a Viva Wallet profile and instantly accept contactless cards -including Bancontact / Payconiq cards-, and digital wallets. Alternatively, you can also accept payments with manual card entry, a QR code, or checkout link.”

The Tap to Pay functionality of the Viva Wallet POS app enables contactless payments. “Customers simply have to hold their payment card, smartphone or smartwatch against the merchant’s Samsung smartphone.” This smart payment solution not only provides a convenient digital payment option, it also ensures more satisfied customers. Consumers no longer need to have cash with them and can pay electronically very easily and securely.


Private and business use

“The benefits for merchants are numerous,” adds Pascal Bungeneers. “No extra costs or additional equipment needed. The device can also be used simply as a smartphone because we provide a complete and secure separation between personal and business applications. Another interesting fact: merchants can deduct the device 100% for tax purposes because it is a means of payment”, concludes Pascal Bungeneers.


About mobco

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About Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet is a leading European cloud-based neobank, delivering the future of payments, now. With presence in 24 markets, it is the payment institution with the largest footprint in Europe. Viva Wallet mission is to change the way businesses pay and get paid, offering truly unifying, yet localized, end-to-end advanced digital payments solutions and embedded banking services tailored to their needs. Latest innovations include “tap-on-phone Viva Wallet POS app” turning any Android mobile to a card terminal, and “Smart Checkout” payment gateway that can increase conversion by 21%. An advocate of sustainable cashless economy, Viva Wallet harnesses the power of their disruptive in-house technologies to provide digital payments services in 19 languages and 10 currencies, featuring over 30 payment methods.


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