Samsung XCover7 & Tab Active5: Durable, Productive, Secure

When work gets extra tough, there’s Samsung rugged devices. With the all-new Galaxy Xcover7 5G EE and Galaxy Tab Active5 5G EE, Samsung ensures that your employees stay connected, productive, and secure, no matter where or what the job demands. A deep dive into what’s new.  

With the XCover and Tab Active Series, Samsung created a range of mobile devices that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of businesses on the frontline. A commitment it further extends with the introduction of the XCover 7 5G EE and Tab Active5 5G EE. Two new mobile devices that come with uncompromised durability, seamless connectivity and unrivalled efficiency to help employees get more out of their devices, whether they are at the office or in the field.  


XCover 7 5G EE: Powerful Performance for unbeatable productivity

Samsung's all-new Galaxy XCover7

With the Galaxy XCover 7 5G EE, Samsung introduces an enterprise-ready smartphone powerful enough to support even today’s most demanding businesses. An overview of its key features.

  • To enable employees to operate securely from anywhere, the XCover7 offers end-to-end mobile security from the chip up. Built into the smartphone’s hardware and software from the start, Knox ensures end-to-end and real-time protection from the minute the device is turned on. 
  • Thanks to its 5G support and 2.4GHz dual band support in Wi-Fi 6E, the XCover 7 makes it possible to work from anywhere.  
  • In a world where work can happen wherever, whenever, employees need a device that is agile and reliable. With the XCover7, users can easily extend battery life due to the long-lasting, replaceable battery. When in need of a quick power up, they can quickly and conveniently charge it with the POGO pin.  
  • The XCover7 is designed to endure extreme working conditions, making it the perfect companion in even the most demanding environments. With its MIL-STD-810H8 certified, IP68 rated and anti-shock design, it is built to withstand water, dust, drops, and other hazards that come with working in the field.  
  • To ensure that all business-critical information can be saved down and accessed at any time, the XCover7 is equipped with a microSD slot for expandable storage.  
  • The Galaxy XCover7 can be tailored to fit any business need. The device includes a programmable key that can be customised to perform specific actions depending on the use case.  
  • Thanks to Knox Capture, your employees can use the device as a barcode scanner.  
  • When employees are using the device with gloves or in rainy conditions, they can adjust the Touch Sensitivity settings to increase the screen’s receptiveness.  
  • The toughness of the XCover7 is balanced with its stylish, sleek design, giving it a slimmer and more ergonomic feel than most traditional rugged devices. The XCover7 is just over ten-millimeters thick and features a dynamic 6.6-inch full rectangle display with a 60 Hz refresh rate. 
  • As every job has different needs and demands, the XCover7 comes with a wide variety of Samsung and third-party accessories such as smart cases, chargers, belt clips, and more. 
  • As the XCover7 is an Enterprise Edition device, it comes with 1 year of Knox Suite and an additional year of warranty.  

The XCover7 is available as of January 10 at a retail price of €283,61 (VAT Exclusive).


Galaxy Tab Active5 5G EE: Though and ready for work

Samsung's all-new Tab Active5

A versatile tablet that is strong and portable enough to power productivity in the field? Say no more. With the Galaxy Tab Active5 5G EE, Samsung brings military-grade toughness and advanced productivity features to enable your organisation to thrive in today’s mobile workplace. A deep dive into the specs of Samsung newest rugged tablet.

  • Security was never as important as in today’s decentralised, mobile workplace. To safeguard your organisation’s most precious digital assets, the Galaxy Tab Active5 comes with fully integrated hardware and software protection ensuring end-to-end and real-time protection.  
  • Its IP68, MIL-STD-810H and anti-shock ratings, underline that the Galaxy Tab Active5 is made to withstand even the most extreme altitudes, temperatures, vibration and humidity. 
  • No need to worry about losing power at a crucial moment. With both a replaceable battery, POGO charging, and the No Battery Mode, Samsung ensures that the device can be used continuously. 
  • Due to its 5G and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, users stay connected – no matter what.  
  • Key mapping allows companies to program keys based on their unique needs, equipping users to quickly launch business-critical or commonly used apps with the press of a button.  
  • To ensure that users can navigate the device with gloves, the Galaxy Tab Active5 features touch sensitivity.  
  • So that workers can keep important files locally on their device, the Galaxy Tab Active5 is equipped with a microSD card slot.  
  • Thanks to Knox Capture, the tablet can be used as a barcode scanner for real-time tracking and checking of inventory.  
  • The Galaxy Tab Active5 is compatible with a wide range of Samsung and third-party accessories such as ergonomically designed cases, charging cradles, wearable barcode scanners, and more to provide a seamless integration in your organisation. 
  • The Galaxy Tab Active5 is part of the Enterprise Edition line-up and therefore comes with one year of Knox Suite and an additional year of warranty.  

The Galaxy Tab Active5 is available as of January 10 for a retail price of €457,41 (VAT Exclusive).


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