6 reasons to recycle your old IT equipment

Nov 24, 2022 | Hardware

Going green is more than a trend nowadays. It has become a standard. And those who commit to disposing their electronics in an environmental-friendly way, by having it recycled or reused, will reap the benefits of it. Not convinced yet? Keep on reading to find out why recycling old hardware is a win-win for both you and the environment! 


1. Your old IT equipment is worth money

PCs, laptops, workstations, servers, tablets, smartphones, … Your business may have a lot of old or broken IT equipment lying around without realizing its true value. As your unused IT hardware contains much-needed rare elements such as aluminum, copper, silver, and gold, it is worth cash. Having your old hardware recycled by a certified partner like mobco is a perfect way to extend your IT budget or reclaim the resources and put them towards other areas of business. 


2. You make way for new and greener technology

Although we would all love unlimited access to new hardware, both budget and responsible sourcing restrict this ambition. Recycling old electronics will enable your organization to get those so desired technical updates in an environmental-friendly and ethical way. Besides, by upgrading your fleet with faster and more efficient devices, you are again lessening the impact on the environment. That’s a double win!  


3. You guarantee secure data disposal

Securing data has always been a must, but since the release of GDPR, data protection has become even more important. In today’s digital world, all electronics, regardless of their function, store, access, or back up corporate data one way or another. Just because this data has been deleted from your old IT equipment, doesn’t mean that it has been completely wiped. By joining forces with a reliable partner for the proper recycling of your old IT equipment, you can be reassured that your corporate information has been completely destroyed.  


4. You reduce your carbon footprint

Making new products from raw materials uses much more energy than making them from recycled materials. Besides, recycling e-waste ensures that the resources inside are recovered, recycled, and reused, reducing your overall carbon footprint and dependence on mining for new sources.  


5. You enable employee choice and flexibility

Freedom of choice is at the heart of today’s modern workplace. Enabling your employees to work on their device of choice results in more creative, productive, and happier employees. But what do to when your workplace tools have not extended their lifespan yet? How about giving them a second life? Besides recycling, mobco’s second life IT program includes the refurbishment of multi-vendor smartphones, tablets and even Apple laptops. Convenient, right? 


6. Recycling is easier and more convenient than ever

With mobco’s Second Life IT services, recycling your old hardware was never easier. All you need to do is pick us as your recycling partner, and you have done your duty. We take full responsibility for the entire process, from collecting your assets over erasure to destruction and/or repair. To offer you the best experience and peace of mind throughout the whole process, we ensure a smooth collection, transparent reporting, and certified data wipe. 


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