Cyber Security Workshops

Elevate your cyber security posture

Introducing the Microsoft Cybersecurity Investment Program, a carefully designed initiative which addresses the diverse needs of our customers cyber security activities. Our program features four comprehensive workshops, strategically crafted to elevate cybersecurity measures and facilitate the seamless integration of advanced Microsoft Security solutions.

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Threat Protection Workshop

In this workshop, we collaborate with you to fortify your organisation’s cybersecurity approach. Together, we delve into the analysis of cybersecurity threats targeting your organisation, offering actionable recommendations for immediate mitigation of identified threats and vulnerabilities. Gain visibility into vulnerabilities across your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments, enabling better understanding, prioritisation, and resolution. Benefit from long-term insights and recommendations from Microsoft experts on your security strategy, encompassing key initiatives and tactical next steps.

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Microsoft CSI Workshop: Threat Protection
Microsoft CSI Workshop: Data Security

Data Security Workshop

The Data Security Check revolves around typical Microsoft 365 services and associated data repositories utilised by organisations. This check analyses user behaviour and scans data repositories related to email, collaboration, and document storage. Optional modules can be integrated to extend the Data Security Check to include on-premises data repositories, Windows 10/11 endpoints, and more. All activities adhere to a common framework, empowering you to comprehend existing risks within your organisation and develop a roadmap for mitigating and safeguarding your company’s information.

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Cyber Security Workshop

The Cyber Security Assessment will allow you to gain a better understanding of how to prioritise and mitigate potential attacks and supports you in building awareness of the current state of your security to remediate vulnerabilities. Furthermore, this assessment will give insight into your endpoint health, Microsoft 365 data, common cybersecurity threats and the impact they can have on business operations. We will also give you tactical next steps and recommendations for upgrading and strengthening your organisation’s security strategy for the future.

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Microsoft CSI Workshop: Cyber Security Assessment
Microsoft CSI Workshop: Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

Discover threats across your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments, spanning email, identity, and data. Understand how to mitigate threats by showcasing the capabilities of Microsoft 365 and Azure security products. Plan next steps and furnish the information to construct a compelling business case for the production deployment of Microsoft Sentinel, complete with a technical deployment roadmap. 

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