How Apple Devices At Work Power The Enterprise


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B&B Louis1924


Nov 14 2023


11:00 - 14:30

How Apple Devices At Work Power The Enterprise

Forward-thinking companies are focusing more and more on productivity and employee choice, and what better way to enable this than by adding Apple products to the portfolio.

Not only do employees prefer them, Mac devices also come with advanced apps and technologies, perform better and last longer than regular PCs. Combine employee empowerment with a lower TCO and a higher ROI, and it’s clear that Mac is a great fit for enterprise.

With the arrival of M2, Apple is offering your business even more possibilities. To speed on what Apple devices can do for your modern workplace, we are inviting you to B&B Louis1924 for a three-course Michelin-starred gastronomic lunch with custom wines by star chef Thomas Locus. Over lunch, kindred spirits will zoom in on:

  • How offering the flexibility and choice to work on Mac devices leads to more engaged and satisfied employees.
  • Why Apple devices are intuitive, yet powerful, secure, and easy to deploy.
  • How, for the price of a cup of coffee, you can drive sustainability and always have the latest Apple technology at your disposal.
  • How mobco, as an Apple Authorised Reseller, has the knowledge and experience to implement a total solution regarding the implementation, management, and security of Mac devices.

Are you eager to join us? Make sure to save your seat via the form below. But hurry up, because the seats are limited!

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