How Employee Experience Is Reshaping The Workplace In 2024


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Feb 08 2024


11:00 - 12:00

How Employee Experience Is Reshaping The Workplace In 2024

With employee expectations driving constant evolutions, staying ahead of potential employment trends, and forecasting when new technologies emerge, helps organisations stay effective, productive, and competitive. So, what workplace trends are we expected to see this year?  

To guide your success in the modern job market, we are teaming up with Human Resources Service Provider, SBS Skill BuilderS, for a one-hour online session on the workplace trends that we expect to see this year and how to prepare for them.  

More specifically, Workplace Experts Rien Vanyzere, Evita De Pauw and Wouter Troost will dive deeper into:  

  • Predictions for employee experience in 2024 and beyond 
  • Practical steps for HR leaders and CEOs 
  • How SBS Skill BuilderS is staying ahead in this competitive talent landscape 
  • Q&A 

Keen to enhance your company culture, improve employee satisfaction, and boost retention? Make sure to tune in on February 8, 11 AM.