Security Awareness with Microsoft


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Feb 29 2024


11:00 - 11:45

Security Awareness with Microsoft

The fundamentals of phishing haven’t changed over time. As research from Microsoft shows, approximately 90 percent of phishing attacks still involve social engineering. With humans remaining the primary risk vector in social engineering attacks and phishing attack mechanisms constantly evolving, empowering your employees to defend against phishing attacks with intelligent simulations and targeted training is key.  

With the Attack Simulation Training, Microsoft offers organisations a tool to automatically check and increase digital resilience among employees and create awareness on new phishing tactics.  

To introduce you to this ‘hidden’ and more often so ‘forgotten’ gem, Microsoft experts Tim Struik and Nick Van Oosterwijk are keen to walk you through during our Security Awareness with Microsoft webinar on February 29, 11 AM. During this 45-minute session, they will zoom in on:  

  • The licenses and roles needed 
  • The different attack simulation models 
  • How to carry out an efficient and effective simulation 
  • The end user experience 
  • The advantages of using Microsoft tooling to perform this simulation  

Are you eager to detect the phishing risk within your organisation? Make sure to save your seat today.