Galaxy Book4 Series: Ultimate Productivity, Connectivity & Security

Feb 12, 2024 | Hardware, Samsung

Samsung recently introduced the new Galaxy Book4 series. Containing a smart processor, interactive display, and robust security system, these laptops promise ultimate productivity, connectivity, and security. With the official release in the BeNeLux market lurking around the corner, let’s dive into how these devices aim at elevating your workplace experience.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 SeriesSince its entry in the laptop market in the BeNeLux in 2022, Samsung has been reshaping the traditional business laptop experience. Last year, they strongly impressed the enterprise market with the launch of the Galaxy Book3 Ultra and the Galaxy Book3 Pro.

Combining an ultra-portable design, elevated performance, and boundless connectivity, the all-new Galaxy Book4 Series aims at taking the corporate PC experience to a whole new level.

With the long-anticipated laptops finally swirling down to the BeNeLux market, this blog shines a light on what this advanced PC line-up has in store for your enterprise.


A deep dive in what’s new for enterprise

The new Galaxy Book4 Series comes in three models: the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360. An overview of the most interesting new business features:

  • The Galaxy book4 is powered by the Intel Core Ultra 9 processor – Intel Corp.’s first neutral processing unit allowing the devices to handle multiple AI computations on their own without relying on the cloud.
  • Data privacy and security are moving up the agenda. With the Book4 Series, Samsung builds on the security standards it sets with its other Galaxy devices. With the introduction of a new discrete Samsung Knox security chip, Samsung strengthens security measures at chipset level, building on Intel’s and Microsoft’s existing multi-layer security efforts to protect critical (business) data.
  • The Galaxy4 opens the door to even more productivity and creativity. The PCs come with Samsung Studio, a new video editing tool allowing users to edit videos seamlessly further on their phone or tablet. Photo Remaster offers quick corrections to photos and automatically erases unwanted shadows and reflections using AI. Lastly, to further increase productivity, the Book4 Pro 360 comes with a 360-degree rotatable design and the included low-latency S Pen to take notes even more fluidly and responsively.
  • With the Galaxy Book4 Series, Samsung is also heavily betting on connectivity. By connecting to your other Galaxy devices, you can now control your notebook’s mouse with your smartphone or tablet, use your Galaxy tablet as a second screen, drag images and documents from your notebook to your smartphone and vice versa, and seamlessly switch between your devices during phone calls.
  • The three models are now equipped with touchscreen. Their familiar touch-based user interface, like found on the Galaxy smartphones and tablets, makes them fully interactive.
  • Thanks to improved energy efficiency, the Galaxy Book4 Series lasts longer after a single charge. The 140W adaptor charges the device to 55 per cent in just 30 minutes.
  • The optimised screen of the Galaxy Book4 Series aims at ensuring productivity on the go. The Dynamic AMOLED 2X screen offers bright contrast and vibrant colours, Vision Booster automatically improves visibility and colour reproduction in bright conditions, Anti-Reflection Technology reduces distracting reflections.
  • The AKG Quad speakers with Dolby Atmos and dual studio-quality microphone ensure enriching video calls, even in noisy environments.
  • LE Audio, an advanced Bluetooth audio standard, together with the Galaxy Buds2 Pro, offers an outstanding sound experience with minimal latency. Auto Switch allows users to effortlessly connect to various devices eliminating the need to manually adjust the settings.
  • A specious touchpad and several ports, including HDMI 2.1, greatly enhance the functionalities of the Galaxy Book4 Series.
  • The Galaxy Book4 Ultra has an improved cooling system reducing heat and fan noise.
  • The notebook series features a refined finish made of a wide variety of recycled materials, including glass, aluminium, and plastics.


Pricing and availability

The Galaxy Book4 Series goes on sale on February 22nd. An overview of the pricing and colours: 

  • The Galaxy Book4 360 in 15-inch comes in Gray and Silver starting at €1.363,21 (VAT Excl.).
  • The Galaxy Book4 Pro is available in 14-inch and 16-inch and comes in Moonstone Gray and Platinum Silver starting at €1.500,21 (VAT Excl.).
  • The Galaxy Book4 Pro 360 in 16-inch, comes in Moonstone Gray and Platinum Silver with an advised retail price starting at €1.658,21 (VAT Excl.)
  • The Galaxy Book4 Ultra is available in 16-inch in Moonstone Gray with a retail price of €2.922,21 (VAT Excl.).

Interested in onboarding Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Book4 Series into your modern workplace? Get in touch via for more information on specs, availability, and pricing.