How Employee Experience Is Reshaping The Workplace In 2024

Rien Vanyzere, Evita De Pauw, Wouter Troost: How Employee Experience Is Reshaping The Warplane in 2024


With employee expectations continually shaping the workplace, staying ahead of potential employment trends, and the emergence of new technologies, is key for organisations to stay effective, productive, and competitive.

But what workplace trends are we expected to see this year? To guide your success in the modern job market, we teamed up with Human Resources Service Provider, SBS Skill Builders, for an online session delving into the workplace of the future.

During this webinar, workplace experts Rien Vanyzere, Evita De Pauw, and Wouter Troost zoomed in on the 2024 predictions for employee experience and shared practical steps for HR leaders and CEOs to adapt to the changing labour market. To close, the trio shone a light on how Skill BuilderS refines and optimises its employee experience strategy to drive people and business growth.

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