Galaxy Unpacked 2024: A new era of mobile AI

A new era of mobile experience is dawning. With the release of the S24 Series, Samsung aims to change the way we live, connect, and create. Curious to find out how the endless possibilities of Galaxy AI are here to unleash the full potential of your modern workplace? An overview of what’s new for business.  

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series: S24, S24+, S24 Ultra

The new Galaxy S24 Series are the perfect fit for business as they offer a sophisticated and comprehensive set of mobile solutions in one handheld device. With enhanced features and more power, the Galaxy S24 series is here to reimagine your modern workplace. Let’s take a closer look at how these advanced features can elevate your business.

  • Circle it, search it, find it. With Circle to Search you can now circle an object to look it up and find more information about it.* 
  • With the release of the S24 Series, Samsung introduces some all-new features that come in handy when working for an international business. With Live Call Translation, you can call and communicate in a foreign language in real-time. Chat Assist enables you to translate and message your business contacts in their native language.* 
  • To empower digital notetaking in meetings, Samsung introduces Note Assist. With just a few clicks, this all-new feature allows you to clean up your notes by summarising large pieces of text.* 
  • With the S24 Series you don’t have to worry anymore about your battery not lasting a full day. Not only is the battery bigger, but it can also handle more. If it does eventually run out, you can recharge it to 50% in 30 minutes.  
  • To ensure that colleagues with a flat battery can continue working, Samsung introduces Reverse Wireless Charging, enabling you to turn your phone into a wireless charger.  
  • Like its predecessor, the Galaxy S24 Ultra comes with an S Pen that provides a real boost in productivity.   
  • The Galaxy S24 Series and other devices work seamlessly together via the SmartThings app. Working across devices was never easier.  
  • Quickly switch to the all-new Galaxy S24 Series by using the Smart Switch App to automatically transfer photos, videos, apps, notes, contacts, and settings from one operating system/device to another.   
  • The Galaxy S24 and S24+ have an Armor AI 2.0 casing that is even lighter than its predecessor and lighter than stainless steel. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is even stronger than ever due to the new Titanium casing. 
  • The new flagship devices feature a powerful, bright display with up to 1600 nits and an Adaptive Refresh Rate of 1-120Hz.  
  • With numerous storage options, there is a suitable S24 model for every work profile. For instance, the Galaxy S24 has a storage capacity of at least 128GB. The Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra start at 256GB. 

The S24 and S24+ come in Onyx Black, Marble Grey, Cobalt Violet, and Amber Yellos and are available as of 26/01/2024 for a retail price starting at €710,21 (VAT Exclusive). The Tab S24 Ultra comes in Titanium Black, Titanium Grey, Titanium Violet and Titanium Yellow and is available as of 26/01/2024 starting at €1144,71 (VAT Exclusive).

If you purchase the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series between 17/01/2024 and 30/01/2024, you will be refunded up to €240. When purchasing the Galaxy S24 265GB, you will receive a cash back of €60. The Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra 512GB comes with a cashback of €120. The Galaxy S24 Ultra 1 TB, then, comes with a refund of €240.

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* A Samsung account login is required for certain AI features. Galaxy AI features will be provided for free until at least the end of 2025 on supported Samsung Galaxy devices.