Hypergate webinar

Who needs a laptop?
You already have a computer in your pocket!

Proud owners of a recent Samsung Galaxy device can benefit from the Samsung DeX feature built into their device. It basically turns your mobile device into a PC – the only thing you have to do is to connect it to any monitor. A desktop mode appears, just like the one you are used to from your computer.

Ready to do everything that was impossible on that tiny smartphone screen.

By adding Hypergate software, your setup becomes a perfect enterprise-grade fit. With Hypergate Authenticator and Files, you can now replicate the desktop device setup for Kerberos authentication and access to all your business critical applications and on-premise data, using any EMM solution and utilising your existing investment into Active Directory.

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Date: 29th of April
Time: 11.00 – 12.00

On the agenda:

  • Introduction on Hypergate solutions
  • Live demo:
    • Which hardware is used and how to use?
    • Demo on combination of Samsung Dex and Hypergate Files
  • Q&A session

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