Security and Privacy by Design

Mobile is the most secure platform available to your employees because it is built with security and privacy in mind.

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A managed mobile device offers the best possible security and guarantees the privacy of the personal data of your employees.

Corporate data should be kept safe and secure without compromising the user experience.

Long and complex passwords don’t offer extra security, these bother the employee and have a reverse effect.
At mobco we believe true security should be invisible to the employee, but unbreakable for the outsider.

We achieve our objective by looking at the whole picture, from infrastructure to apps, data and processes. By building in security and privacy from the start, the devices get automatically configured and eliminate any risk of data loss.
GDPR obliges the business to take all mandatory steps to prevent data loss or privacy issues: every business should implement an Enterprise Mobility Management platform to set policies and help employees protect their data, a mandatory step towards compliancy.

GDPR requires EMM

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), enacted in April 2016, will become fully applicable on May 25, 2018. GDPR will bring the European Union (EU) under one comprehensive and harmonized legal system for data protection and privacy.
The monetary penalties and reputational damage of noncompliance with GDPR are substantial – the maximum fines are the greater of 20 million euros or 4% of the company’s worldwide revenue.

A comprehensive and well-structured Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) program will be an important part of an enterprise’s GDPR compliance initiative.

In the below document a framework for enterprises is provided to proactively assess their mobile privacy, security policies and enforcement models. This document does not provide legal guidance.

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Get Secured

With the Mobile Active Protection service we provide you the best possible mobile security.

We improve your mobile security score by integrating world class security services into your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platform.

The Mobile Active Protection works on three layers and works fully integrated thanks to the mobco expert services:
1. The device, configured by Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)
2. The network, protected by Secure Internet Gateway (SIG)
3. The apps, validated and verified by Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

A mandatory security approach to protect your business and the privacy of your employees and customers.

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Office or specific configuration

Depending on your business and the criticality of mobile devices, you should evaluate the use of an office or specific configuration.

With an office configuration employees opt-in for the service to enrich their professional mobile experience.
A specific configuration is enforced on company owned devices and ensures the functionality of the business critical apps.

Our experts can help you in making that choice.

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Best Mobile Security Partners

Managed devices get a special configuration and access credentials to use secured and encrypted access channels to internal resources.

Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security provides comprehensive risk management across all mobile devices to secure against app, device, and network-based threats while providing visibility and control over data leakage. The seamless integration with EMM empowers your organization to adopt secure mobility without compromising productivity.

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Fortigate provides both physical as virtual access solutions that scale up to thousands simultaneous connections without compromising speed or security.

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Cisco Umbrella is a Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet, wherever users go. Available for your company owned iOS devices, connected to any network. This technology powers the mobco Mobile Active Protection where we integrate this service into your existing EMM environment.

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Hypergate is a fast, secure and accessible Kerberos Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for Android. Hassle-free authentication to internal services lets users consume the services they need on the go.
The native user experience and Android optimized integration saves time and keeps the great Android user experience they’re used to.

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Best Enterprise Mobility Platform

We partner with the best providers in the world and have the highest degree of certification for each of them.

The MobileIron platform is built to secure and manage corporate data in a world where modern devices are used for both personal and professional activities. MobileIron is the security backbone for the digital enterprise, protecting corporate data across apps, networks, and clouds. With MobileIron, IT can secure corporate information wherever it lives while preserving privacy.

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airwatch is a comprehensive enterprise mobility platform built to manage any endpoint including smartphones, tablets, laptops, ruggedized, printers, wearables and IoT devices across all major operating systems in a single management console throughout the device lifecycle.

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JAMF is the leading device management solutions used by IT admins to deploy, inventory, and secure Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV devices. The clear focus on Apple only devices brings immediate and full support of all available management features.

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mobco Services

We are committed to bring you the best possible service and have compiled a support portfolio that ranges from installation and integration services, up to workplace support and app development.
Our full portfolio offers you consultancy to help you transform your business, expert services to set-up new systems or configurations or you could consider a full outsourcing of your employee workplace management.
We have the tools, devices, platform and expert on board to bring you the best possible service.

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