mobile monitoring service

With the mobco Mobile Monitoring Service (MMS) you have a real-time view on the overall status of your employees’ mobile experience. Smart warning algorithms can alert your IT teams on issues with in-house applications, network or global outages, both for on-premise as for cloud components.

Our innovative approach allows us to go beyond the capabilities of traditional monitoring systems, we don’t measure the availability of a server, we measure the functionality of a service, by taking the employee perspective. We get a full and detailed view on the actual mobile experience!

MMS is a managed cloud service operated by mobco based on software robots running customer tailored scripts.

mobco provides you the means to reduce your operational cost dramatically:

  • no local installation
  • works for cloud and on-premise apps
  • real time availability
  • limit downtime
  • reduce time to fix

Your employees don’t have to call your helpdesk to report infrastructure issues, instead, you can warn your employees!

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mobco Services

We are committed to bring you the best possible service and have compiled a support portfolio that ranges from consultancy, installation and integration services, up to workplace support and app development.

mobco mobile experts provide you strategic advise to help you transform your business and to find new efficient ways of working.
Our popular executive workshops help to management team of our customers to discover what apps could really make a difference in their company. In just one day time the overall strategy is given a mobile component and concrete actions define the next steps.

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Our mobile engineers provide set-up of new systems or configurations or you could consider a full outsourcing of your employee workplace management.
We have the tools, devices, platform and expert on board to bring you the best possible service.

Installation and Configuration

A mobile IT project requires expertise to set-up the infrastructure components and to integrate with existing components in your environment.
Our engineers have the highest certifications provided by the software and hardware vendors and have a rich experience in mobile IT.
When we do a project, we don’t re-invent what exists, the purpose is to mobilize what you already have – considering security, operational efficiency and the user experience.

The installation and integration services are typically required when new projects are set-up, these start with a detailed assessment, a pre-deployment checklist, installation and integration, concluded with a detailed report on the status of the installation.
For existing platforms, our customers can rely on our expertise to help them out with new configurations, upgrades on request or the integration of new components and software.

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Integration Support

Support to our customers goes beyond bug tracking, we ensure the full chain works for a 100%. That’s why we call this “integration support”, making sure mobile works.

Standard, IRON (SLA) or 24/7 option available.

mobco provides integration support on the entire mobile infrastructure; from EMM platform over connectivity to the infrastructure, up to the mobile devices.
There are so many components involved before an email hits your mobile device, it’s just no longer possible to limit a support scope on just one single server or software.

Mobile is business critical, it needs to work, that’s why our IRON support services include a SLA guarantee and extended support hours, up to 24/7.

Upgrade Management

Mobile IT is a fast-changing technology and requires constant attention.
With our Upgrade Management services we take the responsibility to upgrade your mobile platform to the latest version.

mobco ensures QA testing, together with the members of the Enterprise Mobility Expert Alliance (EMEA), of every new version that is publicly available.
Once the new release has been accepted we promote this to production.

Upgrades is not only about new features, it’s also about security patches.
With the Upgrade Management we ensure your platform is running the latest stable version and the most secure one to protect your corporate data.

Platform Management

A full outsourcing of your mobile IT project starts here.
Our support team acts as an extension of your IT department and works upon your request to manage day-to-day tasks.

We not only ensure your platform is running the best and latest software (see Upgrade Management), we also take care of the configurations and day-to-day management of the entire platform. When your IT department decides to introduce new configurations or apps, our mobco support team is ready for the mobile implementation!

A pro-active monitoring service is included in the platform management to ensure the highest possible uptime of the entire mobility chain.

Let us worry about mobile, so you can focus on your business.

End-User Support

We can assist your support team with the mobility part.
From user registration, user assistance up to troubleshooting.
Our support at the service of your employees!

We have the experience to move from second to first line support and help your employees with their mobile devices.
A first line helpdesk means support for the entire lifecycle of the mobile device.

End-user support in combination with our Employee Service Portal guarantees employee satisfaction and maximum efficiency!

Workplace Management

As the workplace of the employee becomes more mobile, our support services are covering more devices and apps.

When you consider outsourcing the entire workplace, contact us for an open discussion and allow us to share our insights.
For us, Workplace Management includes the handling of the hardware and repair process, end-user support and the responsibility your employees can execute their job!

Custom App Development

Business apps are the cornerstone of a successful mobile IT project.
When the user experience is brilliant, efficiency gains are a natural consequence!

mobco has a premium selection of available enterprise apps, we have developed a portfolio of readily available business apps and we have the capacity to build apps upon your request.
We have knowledge about native and cross-platform development, but also about automatic configuration and secure communication.

Our development focusses on long term business value and not on one-off implementations, this implicates gains in cost efficiency, time to market and user adoption.