Apple Trade-In Campaign Terms & Conditions
By accepting the trade-in terms and conditions, you understand and agree that:

• This trade-in service is provided in collaboration with mobco’s third-party trade-in vendor.

• To participate in this program your organisation must be based in Belgium.

• Smartphones, tablets and laptops from any popular B2B brand can be traded in.

• You either own the trade-in devices or have been authorized by the owner to trade them in.

• There are no leases, contractual commitments, or other third-party interests attached to your trade-in device.

• You are under no obligation to accept the estimated trade-in price.

• Your organisation is responsible for backing up and/or deleting data on your trade-in device. After acceptation and processing of the trade-in, you will get an official certificate to proof your devices have been wiped.

• mobco’s hardware experts will be in touch to agree on the collection location and the collection date. You will make sure that the mobile devices are available for collection by us at the agreed location and date.

• You can change the collection location or agreed collection date by reaching out to our hardware team with at least twenty four hours’ prior written notice.

• You will make sure that the mobile devices are properly packed and secured so that they are adequately protected against damage in transit.

• mobco is not required to return any packaging material to you or an end user unless otherwise agreed upon.

• No signature obtained from us at the time of the collection will be any evidence as to the quantity, quality or condition of the mobile devices, withstanding any statement on any receipt or similar document so signed to the contrary.

• If you fail to make sure the mobile devices are available for collection in accordance with these terms and conditions, we may at our sole discretion (without prejudice to any of our other rights or remedies) require you to remit to us a reasonable sum, which will be to cover a proportion of the costs incurred by us in relation to the failed collection of the mobile devices.

• The trade-in eligibility and trade in values are subject to our inspection. We may inspect, validate and/or test the mobile devices at any time on or after collection or delivery to determine whether or not to accept your trade-in offer and/or determine if there is any remaining personal data on the devices.

• Each mobile device collected or delivered to us should match the make and model in your trade-in offer.

• After inspection, we may propose a new price that we are willing to credit for all or part of the mobile devices based on the compliance of the mobile devices with our terms and conditions.

• You are responsible for ensuring that SIM cards and memory cards are removed from mobile devices prior to collection or delivery. We will endeavour to remove any SIM cards and memory cards left in mobile devices and destroy them, but do not accept responsibility in the event that a SIM card or memory card is contained.

• Once we have submitted our trade-in offer, you have thirty calendar days to accept or decline.

• mobco may refuse, cancel, or limit the quantity of any trade-in transactions for any reason. We will notify you in writing as soon as reasonably practical.

• Once the devices are traded in, inspected and accepted, the trade-in transaction is final and cannot be cancelled even if the final communicated price is different from the initial estimate.

• At completion of this transaction, the ownership of your device is transferred to mobco.

• The credit will only be available after completion of the trade-in process. This communicated value will be excluding VAT.

• The credit cannot be transferred towards non-Apple devices or redeemed for cash or gift cards.

• This promotion cannot be combined with other offers.

•The mobco standard T&Cs supersede the Terms and Conditions of the Apple Trade-In Program.  

• By providing personal data, you fully and unconditionally agree that your personal data will be recorded, stored, and processed in accordance
with mobco’s privacy policy available