Why make life hard…

Nov 29, 2017 | Apple, iOS

The question we often hear is:”Why do these device manufacturers make life so hard to activate a new device?” It’s true. There are too many passwords, login screens and an endles series of ‘yes’ buttons you just have to click to continue in the process. There must be something better?

And there is! With the Device Enrolment Program (DEP) we make life easy for your IT staff AND for your employee! Take a brand new iPhone or iPad, unopened box, give it to your employee and … wait. Trust us, if your employee is not capable of making it work there is a hardware issue with the device.

mobco is an Authorized Apple Enterprise Reseller and we know how to make things easy, from hardware purchase at the very best commercial conditions up to the production part and end-user support. See our movie of one of our devices enrolling in EMM. (go full screen for best viewing experience)

No apple ID required. No credit card required. No personal email address. Open the box and enjoy the magic!