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In today's modern workplace flexibility and predictability are crucial. With mobco workplace, we aim at supporting your organisation in rolling out a future-proof and flexible modern workplace for a fixed cost per month. An efficient solution to manage the entire workplace life cycle? Check!

Create your own modern workplace


Your employees gain access to your workplace platform on the mobco cloud

Say goodbye to password and user issues. The platform is linked to your company’s security infrastructure. Once logged in, the employee can undertake different predefined actions such as ordering a new device.


Your employees select and order their favorite workplace tools 

Based on the predefined employee profile and available budget, your employee can order his favorite workplace devices through our online store. The store can be linked to flexible reward plans and you can enable a personal allowance.


The devices are shipped preconfigured for work to the preferred location

All devices work out of the box. They come preconfigured for work following your company’s standards and security policy and are delivered at the preferred location of your employees.

More efficient for your business, better for your employees

“mobco workplace is like company car leasing, but for the modern workplace: select your favorite device, get it preconfigured, secured and call mobco for support or repair!” – Ulrik Van Schepdael, mobco CEO.  

Deployment of the workplace solution is a question of days

The platform is designed to help you manage the modern workplace and to empower your employees. We didn’t reinvent device management nor create new security tools, we simply integrate with all the tools and services you have running.

During the intake interview we define user profiles, budgets, roles to allow maximum automation. We also define product catalogs, pricing and rules for payment. Once that work is done, the platform goes live and collects information from your current infrastructure. No need to import inventory, goodbye manual work!

We make your employees happy

Our workplace portal is a secured environment allowing your employees to select, order, control and repair all their workplace tools. In short, it boosts employee satisfaction by providing choice, key in the modern workplace.

We integrate with your flex reward plan to provide your employees maximum flexibility, but we remain within an enterprise context, meaning you select the devices in scope, and we enable them for work.

Direct access to device actions is crucial in today’s workplace, employees can therefore lock their assets in one click when lost or stolen. 

We help you save on your expenses

The better the rules are described, the more we can automate, and the less time people have to spend on managing tools for work.

The platform provides a great real-time overview of all assets for your fleet manager and thus simplifies life and reduces time to manage. But by ensuring that we deliver preconfigured and secured devices at the location of preference, we are also saving time for IT, procurement and HR. 

If this wasn’t enough, employees can now order, manage and repair assets by themselves, another big time saver!

No need to have internal staff to handle (employee) support

The mobco workplace offering is modular and based on your requirements. We provide a technical solution, but store up to full employee support.

By taking care of managing your modern workplace, we let you focus on your core business while letting your IT team work on your business critical platforms!

Workplace packages

Different organizations, different needs. To fulfil various company requirements, we offer different workplace packages. Discover now which platform best suits your business.

Workplace Go

A powerful tool for centralised asset handeling and repair processes? Say no more!
  • Only accessible by fleet managers
  • Up-to-date overview of all workplace assets
  • Centralised device repair
  • IT admin expert support

Workplace Connect

Enrolling a modern workplace with a strong focus on enabling employee choice? Fair enough!
  • Role based access with up to 3 user profiles
  • Online ordering of the devices of choice from a predefined product catalogue
  • Overview of all workplace assets, including SIM cards
  • Managing & configuring SIM cards
  • Integratable with one workplace resource (MDM platform or IDP system)
  • End user support in the form of an FAQ

Workplace Experience

When employee experience and self service enablement are key, workplace experience is the way to go!
  • Requesting & activating SIM cards
  • Direct device repair
  • End user support through a ticketing system
  • Managing and configuring different devices using multiple device management platforms
  • Direct employee billing when ordering the device of choice

Workplace Enterprise

Increasing IT efficiency through automatic workplace management? Workplace Enterprise got you covered!
  • Unlimited user profiles
  • Automated device & SIM management
  • Detailed reporting on all workplace assets
  • Integratable with unlimited workplace resources

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