Workplace Self Service

Let your employees order and manage their equipment

Enabling choice is for most organisations a complex and almost impossible mission.

With the Workplace Self Service Portal we remove that complexity for both the employees, procurement, HR and IT. Our portal provides your employees a simple interface to view, manage, repair and control their current assets and, when allowed, order new tools.

It’s a unique, secured and simple dashboard that instantly improves employee satisfaction.

Depending on the function of the employee the portal automatically behaves differently and provides more or less functionalities. The HR manager can easily see what assets are being used by any employee, IT support can take necessary actions on devices and the employee has a predefined set of functionalities, but limited to his or her assets.

Outsource the operational management of all workplace tools

Outsourcing basically means your team no longer has to worry about it, and that’s exactly what we aim for!

By implementing the Workplace Self Service we create a simplified layer on top of the existing Unified Endpoint Management systems. An intelligent stock management system never forgets and automatically keeps track of all assets, also those that are not managed.

mobco ensures the complexity is managed and we have the experts to tune your engine, so you can focus on the driving!

By enabling the Workplace Self Service Portal in your organisation, we also have the opportunity to provide your employee direct support! This means we open our Expert Support to your employees for all their workplace questions.


Integrate in your existing IT architecture

The Workplace Self Service Portal connects to all available resources that currently impact your workplace asset or device management.It connects to Mobileiron, JAMF, Microsoft intune, VMware Workspace One, Active Directory… and we keep on developing new connections.

The platform correlates all information and presents it in an easy and readable format. An employee can have an Android smartphone managed by Mobileiron, an Apple iPad by JAMF and Windows 10 computer managed by Microsoft intune plus a Sim card.

The system will automatically gather all information and present it to the employee, IT support, HR or any other role authenticated on the system. The employee sees all assets in one view and can take the allowed actions, such as requesting repair.

IT support only needs to click “one” action button to impact all assets of that employee, like “locking” when the employee leaves the company.

The platform is built from the ground up taking into account maximum flexibility. Based on Active Directory group membership the portal behaves differently and provides more or less options. There is an unlimited number of possible roles that can be defined.


 The platform not only connects to different UEM platforms and AD’s, it also connects to these systems simultaneously – at the same time. You can connect to Mobileiron and VMware Workspace One at the same time showing all devices in just one interface AND take cross platform actions.


New device ordering requires approvals that are automatically requested to the manager of the requesting employee. Upon approval the orders are pushed to your supplier of choice.


When ordering new devices at mobco we upload automatically all devices to your platform, when they appear on your doorstep they’re already in your system and ready for distribution!


Outsource Employee Support: When you have the Workplace Self Service in place, our expert team is ready to further support your employees!