3 new iOS 15 features boosting your (corporate) privacy

Sep 24, 2021 | Apple, iOS, Security

If you’ve an Apple device, you’ve probably already installed the newest software update. iOS 15 introduces new features for FaceTime calls, tools to reduce distractions, a new notifications experience and much more. But what you may not have noticed is that Apple has also instituted several advanced features to boost your (business’) privacy. Read on to discover how iOS 15 will help you take control over your sensitive (corporate) data. 


1. Account Recovery: Restoration in the blink of an eye 

Have you ever forgotten your Apple ID password or incorrectly entered your password a few times? If so, you know how frustrating it is to regain access to your account. It’s the same as losing your car keys, waiting for the response of Apple support may take up to a couple of days, leaving you unable to access your iCloud account, Apple devices and (corporate) data. However, with the release of iOS 15, Apple is adding a new feature to your iPhone allowing you to designate one of your friends or a family member to vouch for you if you ever need an account recovery. Apple will send them a code upon request, which you can use to unlock your account. Much easier than the current method, right?


2. Private relay: Browsing safer in Safari

With the arrival of iOS 15 Apple hopes to position itself as an industry leader in terms of privacy, a role that includes many new software features. Chief among those is Private Relay, a VPN-like service that’s designed to mask your internet traffic, preventing anyone from snooping in your corporate data. If you’re using Apple’s own browser, Safari, your internet traffic will be encrypted and redirected via so-called proxies, meaning that others can’t see what websites you visit. Your IP address, browsing history and exact location will remain private.


3. Mail privacy protection: Online more anonymous than ever

Private Relay isn’t the only new feature in Apple’s larger initiative to help users take control over their data. With Mail Privacy Protection, Apple is putting an end to invisible email ad tracking pixels, preventing brands and publishers from collecting information such as your approximate location, the device you are using and the time you opened the message, when being enabled. After having installed iOS 15 on your device, you will be able to choose what data is shared when using the Apple Mail App.

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