Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series: Enhanced flexibility and versatility for today’s modern workplace

Samsung Galaxy Book2 Series: Enhanced flexibility and versatility for today’s modern workplace

During its unpacked event, Samsung Electronics announced the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 series, a range of brand-new notebooks that combines powerful performance with a portable design. The ideal companion in today’s modern workplace we thought when adding Samsung’s latest innovation to our hardware portfolio. Eager to discover how the latest Galaxy PCs offer a productive and agile experience? Read on to find out!

As the hybrid workplace becomes the norm, companies want to enable their employees to better adapt to this new way of working while better protecting themselves from the growing number of cyber threats.  To meet these expectations, Samsung launched the Galaxy Book2 Series, a gamma of five powerful laptops designed to boost security, productivity, flexibility, and connectivity. 

Samsung classifies its notebooks into two categories: Galaxy Book2 Pro and Galaxy Book2 Business. The latter targeting businesses by making use of Intel vPro chips and Windows Hello facial recognition for more multi-factor authentication options. 

Enterprise security meets mobile freedom

The shift to hybrid working has underlined significant cybersecurity threats for employers and employees alike. Employees working from home are more vulnerable to cyberattacks as they have limited access to security tools and the infrastructure at the office, an issue Samsung addresses by launching the first consumer PC lineup featuring secured designation elements.  

The Samsung Galaxy Book2 series delivers an enhanced level of protection on Windows 11 and features deeply integrated hardware, firmware, and software to boost protection against potential cyber-attacks. More specifically, the Galaxy Book2 series protects your hybrid work environment by making use of the Samsung defense-grade security technology, Intel Hardware Shield Technology, and an embedded processor to protect BIOS. On top, the devices are equipped with a Tamper Alert function that detects, tracks, and mitigates malicious attempts.

Ultimate productivity on the go 

With video calls being essential for the success of the hybrid workplace, the Galaxy Book2 series delivers optimal performance tailor-made to the needs of today’s modern workplace. When using video-conferencing apps such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, auto-framing ensures that the camera stays focused on the faces on-screen while background effects minimize distractions and enable the employees to be the center of attention when making calls from a busy location. On top, the Galaxy Book2 filters static and background sounds, so voices come through clearly.

For flexible and connected work experiences

To enable your employees to work anywhere, anytime and on any location, the Galaxy Book 2 Series offers seamless connectivity with other Samsung Galaxy products. The Single Sign-On feature, for example, simplifies the authentication process by requiring credentials to only be entered once, giving the user immediate access to Galaxy device apps and content, including Samsung Gallery and Samsung Notes. Through Private Share employees can securely exchange confidential information between devices and colleagues. To ensure that confidential information stays classified, employees can authorize access and set expiration dates for every file they send. 

By combining the power of Samsung DeX and the Samsung Galaxy Book2 series, Samsung makes working across devices piece of cake. Not only can users send texts or take calls using your computer thanks to Link to Windows, they can also use their Galaxy Book2 series’ keyboard and trackpad while navigating on their Galaxy Tab S8 screen. This crossover continuity enables them to select recently used applications and open them on their notebook to pick up right where they left off. 


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Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Dilbeek, Evere, February 16 – Accelerated by the pandemic, the future of work is here. Employers that want to stay competitive will have to put an emphasis on offering an outstanding employee experience by providing flexibility and choice, a mission to which mobco and Orange Belgium hope to contribute by launching Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium putting employees in control of their workplace and telco assets. 

Remote working was not always a top priority for organizations, but the corona crisis was a catalyst for change. With the end of the pandemic in sight, companies are preparing for the grand reopening of their physical offices, but those who want to continue to attract and retain top talent will not be able to simply return to the pre-corona crisis reality. Employees want to retain the flexibility to which they have become accustomed. The era of employee choice has arrived.

To operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a proper balance must be struck between technology, people, and processes, which remains a difficult challenge to tackle for many companies around the globe. With the arrival of Hardware Comfort, mobco and Orange Belgium aim at helping organizations of all sizes and sectors boost the overall employee experience by enabling them to become a workplace of choice.

Employee experience, more than a luxury

Technology, people, processes. The three pillars of a sustainable hybrid workplace, all pointing at one key concept, employee experience. As employees increasingly demand a say in when, how and where they work, those wanting to offer an unmatched employee experience should start looking into offering choice. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, the perfect solution might be lurking around the corner.

Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium with – as of today direct telecom impact – aims at empowering employees with self-service actions in the life cycle of the modern workplace. Ordering devices and SIM cards over registering devices in a corporate infrastructure to changing mobile subscription options, Hardware Comfort enables it all. mobco vouches for the configuration, delivery, management, security, and repair of all chosen workplace assets. 

To provide maximum flexibility, the platform also offers the possibility of establishing a flex reward plan.Initiating such a plan is usually time-consuming and comes with a heavy administrative burden. With Hardware Comfort all administration is bundled in one tool and all workplace assets are being automated, making it easier than ever to offer the right benefits at the right time. 

In short, Hardware Comfort boosts the employee experience by ironing out and simplifying the process of offering choice in the workplace. “To my knowledge, Hardware Comfort is the first platform where we fully integrate and automate telecom and IT services. With mobco’s Workplace Self Service platform at its base, employees gain control over every aspect of the modern workplace. By providing choice in devices, delivery address, integration with flex income plans and telco subscriptions, we take the employee experience to the next level”, Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco. 

And who better to assist mobco in fulfilling this mission than Orange Belgium. Together with Orange Belgium, mobco already supports companies such as Accenture, SBS SkillBuilders, Terumo and Atalian in becoming a workplace of choice. Now that Hardware Comfort enters the playing field, both partners are eager to support more organizations in enrolling a sustainable workplace of choice. “Orange Belgium has been a loyal partner and I’m excited to see the product on the market. It is the result of years of hard work”, Ulrik Van Schepdael concludes. 

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Private Relay, A Shadow IT Nightmare

iCloud Private Relay: Privacy blessing or security nightmare?

With the release of iOS 15, macOS 12 and the new iCloud+ service earlier this year, Apple introduced a new privacy feature called iCloud Private Relay. It is designed to help protect your privacy when browsing the web in Safari. But what does this new feature mean for your business? An overview. 

How does it work?

When surfing the web, essential information of you and your device, such as your IP address, DNS requests and the websites that you visit, can be collected, creating a profile of your location and behaviour on the web over time. By using two separate and secure internet relays, this information gets split, encrypted and anonymised resulting in no single party that can see both who you are and what sites you’re browsing when using Safari. The first relay is operated by Apple and will encrypt your DNS requests, so no one can see what website you’re visiting. The second relay is operated by a third-party service and will generate a temporary IP address, decrypt your DNS request and securely connects you to the desired website.

On your iPhone, you can turn on Private Relay in Settings > Click on your Apple ID > iCloud > Private Relay. In addition, you can finetune your IP Address Location. By enabling Maintain General Location your IP address stays hidden but websites are still allowed to show you localised content. When enabling Use Country and Time Zone a broader location will be used, but still within your country and time zone.

From an end-user point of view, this is excellent news. More privacy, less tracking, that sounds like an awesome package. But what if you’re in a strictly regulated business domain or what if you are running a web service that relies on that information? Let’s dive into some statements.

A shadow IT nightmare?

Disallowing private relay on your network

If you have a network that requires to audit traffic or perform filtering, you may need to prepare your network to deal with Private Relay. The easiest way to do so is by preventing DNS resolution for the servers below. Do not drop IP packets or create a DNS timeout, because this will create delays on the end-user devices. Doing this results in the end-user being alerted on the device with the choice of turning of Private Relay for that specific network or to choose a completely different network. To disable it for a specific Wi-Fi network, take the device and go to Settings > Wi-Fi > tap the blue information button > disable Private Relay.

Disabling access to private relay completely

This is where the MDM framework comes in. From the reference guide on the developers website we can see a new payload since a while. Make sure that your MDM solution supports this payload and if not, try to work with custom profiles to achieve the desired result. When clicking through to the network you’re connected with in your settings, you’ll see the option appear to enable or disable private relay.

Relying on the information of a web service

Offering localised content has been around since ages. Make sure that you are using the latest mappings from your geo IP database provider. Some providers annotate the addresses used by Private Relay, this helps when you need to dive into your connection log files. Remember that Private Relay preservers the country and time zone so offering localised content will be possible. Apple does provide a list with locations (

Great privacy on all Apple devices

No. Private Relay is not available (yet?) on Apple Watch. So using a weblink on your Apple Watch will expose your real IP address.

Private relay, a VPN service

No, it is not. First of all, it only works with Safari. And as mentioned earlier, it only hides your specific location and not your general region. 

An equivalent for a mobile threat defense service

No, it is not. While Private Relay does anonymise web traffic, it will not prevent the user opening malicious websites or fraudulent text messages. If your organisation is looking for a MTD solution, come drink a coffee with us.

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8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

8 hacks to keep your mobile device safe

You lock your front door and car to prevent people from snooping in but what about your mobile phone? Smartphones have security risks too… Unfortunately, when it comes to mobile device use, there is no manual that comes with a phone to teach the user mobile security. In addition, the threats are constantly evolving and augmenting. To help you navigate your device in a secure way, we’ve listed 8 easy hacks. Discover them now! 

1. Keep your phone locked 

One possible threat is losing your device or getting it stolen, which could give the finder complete access to your personal and corporate information. To prevent this from happening, be sure to have a lock on your screen. Strong passwords together with biometric features as fingerprint authenticators make unauthorized access nearly impossible. 

2. Use strong passwords

To prevent third parties from accessing your sensitive information, strong passwords are a must. Protect your personal and corporate information to the fullest by opting for passwords that are eight or more characters long and contain alphanumeric characters. Be sure to not store your passwords using the remember me feature. This way, if one password is discovered, the hacker won’t have access to all your information. Furthermore, don’t forget to change your password from time to time. Having weak passwords can put an entire organization at risk. 

3. Utilize a VPN

If you’re not sure of the security status of the network to which you’re connected, using a VPN might be the way to go as it enables you to connect to the network securely. At the same time, any browsing done on public Wi-Fi, will be shielded from prying eyes. A clear win-win! 

4. Encrypt mobile devices

Your smartphone holds a lot of personal and corporate data, which can be a risk when it gets lost or stolen. To protect your sensitive information to the fullest, make sure your data is encrypted – unreadable. Most phones have encryption settings that you can enable in the security menu, all you must do is locate it and enter a password. 

iOS: Go to settings > Touch ID & Password > Enter the lock screen code > Scroll to the bottom of the page and check if data protection is enabled. 

Android: Go to security > Encrypt Phone. Be sure your device is 80% charged and unrooted before starting the process, otherwise you may lose all of your data. 

5. Install an antivirus

Just like your computer, your smartphone can benefit from an anti-virus program too, as the files you download and the apps you install might be packed with malicious code. If you do open a malicious app or content, the installed anti-malware prevents your sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. So I wouldn’t hesitate if I was you… 

6. Update to the latest software

You may not be aware of it, but your mobile device firmware might also be vulnerable to security threats. And when these loopholes are exploited, you risk your sensitive information leaving the device. Mobile phone operating system updates happen frequently and when they do, you tend to click them away or ask the device to remind you to update it later (we’ve all been there). But don’t ignore the pop-up reminder when it comes up. Charge your phone, clear out some space and install the update right away. This way your data is safeguarded at all times. 

7. Avoid third party apps

Your mother may have told you to not speak to strangers as it’s dangerous. Well, the same principle applies when installing apps from third-party app stores. Prevent downloading applications that might infect your smartphone or tablet with malicious software, stay in the Google Play or App Store. If you do decide to use third-party apps, research them to be sure that you’re not installing a malicious one. If the app asks for access to too much personal information up front, our advice would be to just not download it.

8. Set up remote wipe

By setting up remote wipe, you’ll be able to wipe all the data on your phone remotely when your phone is lost or stolen. Not only ideal to keep sensitive information out of the hands of criminals, but the tool can also be used to find your phone’s location. A must have thus!

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Press Release Covid Certificate Scanner

Samsung and mobco launch their first Covid Certificate Scanner.

This collaboration between both companies brings proven technology and expertise together to facilitate safe and simple scanning!

Diegem, Dilbeek May 18 2021 – While the European corona certificate project is being finalised, the Belgian mobco, in collaboration with Samsung, launches ‘Covid Certificate Scanners’. Thanks to the robustness of the Samsung 5 Enterprise Edition, many professionals will be able to enjoy fast and safe scanning – in all conditions. The preconfigured smartphone exclusively reads the presented QR code, while Samsung KNOX guarantees maximum security.

The EU Covid-19 certificate is in the making and will be used to prove vaccination, corona recovery or a recent negative test result. This token will enable safe travel within Europe and might also be used in large public events. The certificate is an important pillar of the exit strategy.

This context is being used by Samsung and mobco to come up with a complete solution to enable safe, correct and simple certificate validation.

Green or red, ready to use in 5 minutes

The exact details of the European digital certificate and the application in the national member states are still being defined. It is however clear the certificate will consist of a QR code that will be readable by third parties to validate the certificate, showing a red or green screen. mobco, leader in managed mobility solutions in Belgium, developed a Covid Certificate Scanner that enables fast, simple and fully secured authenticity validation based on the official app the Belgian government will issue.

Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco:”Our Covid Certificate Scanner is developed with one goal, that’s the scanning and validation of the certificates. The device is configured in such a way that it can only run this single scanning application, guaranteeing maximum security and data protection. Equally important is the ease of use. When an organisation or company needs to execute scans, it’s not acceptable the employees would have to download and configure the scanning app themselves. Our device automatically configures itself at first launch, without any user or IT intervention. The scanner is operational in less than 5 minutes.” 

Military grade robustness and security

To ensure scanning can take place in all circumstances and to combine reliability with rock solid security, mobco opts for the Samsung Xcover 5, a smartphone designed and build for employees active in a variety of business’ around the world. The device is part of the Samsung Galaxy series and includes a brilliant screen, a durable battery and benefits from advanced data protection thanks to the Samsung Knox platform.

Pascal Bungeneers, Head of B2B Samsung Belgium: “The robust hardware of our Galaxy Xcover 5 Enterprise Edition is perfectly suited for professional users to validate the Covid-19 certificates. Think of events on the beach, festival, restaurants, … The smartphone is IP68 water and dust proof, has 1.5 meter drop protection and can be operated while wearing gloves. It’s compatible with third party charging cradles to fill up the 3000 mAh battery, sufficient to last an entire day. And if all that power would not suffice, the battery can be replaced by the user in seconds.” 

Proven technology and expertise

Ulrik Van Schepdael:” This is not our first collaboration in this line of business. We have equipped all security agents of Seris with similar Samsung devices with a specific configuration. That project is one of many where we have proven that a preconfigured and protected smartphone is the ideal solution in very challenging circumstances.”

Pascal Bungeneers:” Aside the robustness of the Samsung Xcover 5, the smartphone incorporates the highest possible data protection technology. Security is not an add-on, but is built-in during the production of the smartphone based on the Samsung Knox platform. This protects each smartphone, wearable or tablet, on the lowest chip level against intrusion, malware or other threats.”

The Covid Certificate Scanner is available, including support and centralised management by mobco, for a fixed price of EUR 243, – excluding VAT (or EUR 373, – excluding VAT with a 12 months mobile subscription).

About Samsung Belgium

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes our future with innovative ideas and technologies. The company redefines the world of televisions, smartphones, wearables, tablets, digital applications, network solutions, storage, LSI systems, semi conductors and LED solutions. To learn more about the latest news, articles and press material, see Explore and Insights.

About mobco 

mobco is founded in 2010 and focusses on the modern workplace. The portfolio of mobco includes hardware (smartphone, tablet, computer), software to manage and services to support the modern workplace. With the in-house development of the Workplace Self Service platform, mobco enables the employees of its customers to order their devices and receive these preconfigured at home. mobco counts 26 employees, has two office locations in Dilbeek and Capellen (Luxemburg) and supports large private and public organisations in Belgium and Luxemburg.  

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Your partner for Knox Suite

Ever since the launch of Knox, Samsung has been investing in making its Android based devices Enterprise grade thanks to Knox. mobco has been following closely the evolution of the Samsung Knox program, over the years mobco has been able to build up the expertise needed to implement to most complex, secure and powerful projects. 

Expertise available, at your service.

The newest edition in the Knox series is called Knox Suite and provides an all-in solution to deploy, configure, secure and manage Samsung based mobility projects.

The Knox Suite, as the name suggests, combines the advanced security features of Knox Platform for Enterprise with cloud-bases services like Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage and Knox E-FOTA. 

Below the included Samsung Knox products:

  • Knox Platform for Enterprise 
    Enables IT admins to safeguard data at both the hardware and software level, removing the risk of being compromised on Samsung devices.
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment 
    Allows IT admins to bulk enroll Samsung devices into their enterprise, without the need for IMEI management and verification.
  • Knox Manage
    Easy-to-use, cloud based EMM for IT admins to monitor and manage devices and secure corporate data across multiple operating systems. It can also create purpose-built appliances such as kiosks.
  • Knox E-FOTA 
    Offers organizations granular controls for remote OS version management on Samsung mobile devices without end-user interaction.


Getting most out of your mobility projects requires excellent hardware and powerful software, but it also requires the right expertise to make it happen!

If you’re interest to learn more about the Knox Suite or one of its components, let us know! Our experts are happy to help you out! 

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Check Point Partnership

We’re proud to announce the partnership with Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (! 

With great care we’ve selected Check Point to complement our existing security offering. At mobco, signing a new partnership means a lot more than just reselling the software; it means we develop expertise and have the capabilities to provide IRON integration support (*) to our enterprise customers. “An important investment for our team and so we’re proud to say we are ready to support you with a Check Point certified commercial and technical team!” says Ulrik Van Schepdael, mobco CEO.
Security is no longer an option in mobile IT projects
In the current workplace we experience a shift from static devices to mobile devices. Most email is read on mobile-first and the smartphones or tablets are business critical company assets.
The more we use these types of devices, the more vulnerable these become: when hackers turn their attention to mobile, it’s just a matter of time before these get compromised.
“The threat database of Check Point goes beyond the typical mobile threats and includes every possible platform. It basically covers every possible device the employee could use for work” says Björn Kemps, Operations Director at mobco.
And the Check Point vision is perfectly in synch with mobco’s workplace vision: the employee should be able to use any device for work… when that device is properly configured and secured!
Anti-Phishing is mandatory
Your “small” smartphone screen is perfect to trick you and abuse your confidence. On top, the device itself is extremely accessible to malicious users; a simple message using any popular app is enough to drive you to their ‘bad site’ and steal your data.

Check Point’s approach on mobile security involves an on-device VPN, invisible to the user and without any performance impact. “In many instances we use a similar and conflicting VPN technology to access corporate resources, the intelligent Check Point technology avoids such conflicts and allows these to co-exist” says Björn Kemps. A great achievement to combine functionality and security, while preserving battery life.

The Check Point product suite has proven to be a worthy addition to the mobco portfolio, “We’re happy to announce this partnership with one of the biggest security firms on this planet, an established value in the security market. With mobco we will focus only on the workplace technology and more specific the mobile components: it complements our portfolio and allows us to better respond to the current and future threats!” concludes Ulrik Van Schepdael. 
If you would like to learn more on the Check Point product offering, please contact your sales representative or get in touch with is (contact form, email or phone).

(*) IRON Integration Support is provided with our platform management and security products. It provides you a complete support beyond the typical product issues, it covers all related components in the architecture, both on-premise and cloud.