Data Security & Compliance In The Modern Workplace

Jun 8, 2023 | Security

As increasing amounts of sensitive data are stored within organisations and the number of incidents where significant amounts of data have been lost or stolen are on the rise, regulatory pressure to ensure protection continues to increase.

With new threats, such as the the privacy and security risks related to the social media application Tik Tok, being discovered, regulations get tighter. On top, the requirements will continue to change and evolve. So, where to get begin?

To help you kick-start your compliance journey, Microsoft experts, Paul Conaty, Mashoq Ahmad and Tim Hermie share some tips and tricks on how to tackle the challenges related to data security and compliance in today’s decentralised workplace.

In this one-hour session, they zoom in on topics such as DLP in the Microsoft 365 Suite, data lifecycle management, cloud based data classification, operating data privacy workflows, and more.

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