Smartphone unboxing ready to use for work in under 4 minutes! How do we do that?

Getting a smartphone (or tablet or computer) completely configured and ready for work is called ‘enrollment’. And with the proper tools we can do that for any of your employees, anywhere in the world in just under 4 minutes!

Enrolling mobile devices can be a hassle, especially for larger organizations. As the number of devices in organizations increases, device enrollment becomes more time-consuming and frustrating. Automation can help eliminate those pains. Without proper automation and our help, your IT department needs to manually configure devices while also carrying out multiple hands-on, resource-intensive tasks. Furthermore, users must follow a series of steps to connect networks, download apps, register services and provide an endless series of passwords and logins. This results in an increase of IT support calls and employee frustrations. An automated device enrollment process eliminates manual configurations and ensures that each device is set up automatically. Aside an initial ‘who am I’, users can just watch how the device self-activates and does all the configuration work. Our services make enrollment simple and fast, but more important: we reduce administrative overhead and improve the employee experience dramatically!


Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

Automated device enrollment through DEP streamlines the process of deploying corporate-owned iOS-, iPadOs-, macOS-, and tvOS-devices purchased through mobco. When users start their DEP-enabled devices, internal mechanisms guide them through the first step to get the device activated and automate the remaining configuration work. To further streamline this process, it’s possible for IT administrators to temporarily skip private use configuration. The users go through these steps at ease in a later stage, like signing into iCloud or setting up Apple Pay.

This video shows just how quick your employee would be able to set up his/her own device. Without any intervention from the IT department.

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)

The Samsung KME service makes it possible to enroll an unlimited number of devices at once. The KME service is flexible enough to support multiple MDM platforms and multiple enrollment configurations at the same time. Administrators should also use the KME server to create a profile for each applicable MDM platform. When a user starts a device for the first time, the KME setup wizard launches an MDM agent and then configures it to enroll the device with the MDM service. The user does not have to do anything but start the device.


Android Zero-Touch Enrollment (ZTE)

Where KME focusses on Samsung devices, ZTE is also compatible with other Android devices. The new service allows organizations to purchase preconfigured devices that have the management settings necessary for end users. Users need only sign into their devices to get the resources they need. Once your organization places an order, mobco can set up a ZTE account. The account enables the organization’s administrators to access the ZTE portal where IT must define the devices’ configuration policies.


Windows Autopilot

With the rise of Windows 10 mobile devices in business environments, Microsoft continues to move customers towards modern mobile device management. With Windows Autopilot, a set of technologies is offered in order to preconfigure and automatically provision new Windows 10 devices. Administrators can use the service to manage policies, profiles, apps and other components.


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