How Technology Has Changed Christmas

Dec 23, 2021 | Hardware

Spending time with loved ones, festive decorations and decadent meals still make for a merry holiday season. Yet the internet, smartphones, social media and other innovations are putting high-tech twists on a whole range of Christmas traditions. Read on to discover how technology has changed the holiday season. 


1. High-Tech Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is hardly anything new, but due to technology, Christmas shopping has made an incredible transformation. There have always been and continue to be two types of Christmas shoppers: the ones that do it well in advance of the event and the ones that leave it to the last minute. But technology, and more specific improved internet access and the introduction of mobile devices, has crafted a third type of Christmas shopper. Namely, the ones that are looking to buy the gifts online and this at the most competitive price on the market. Buying presents anytime and from anywhere in the world? Check!


2. Promotion & Advertising

It’s not just the transactions themselves that have moved online, technology has also influenced the way Christmas promotions are delivered to customers. Ever since the introduction of the smartphone, a barrage of promotional emails offering discounts and festive products are delivered directly to the pockets of millions of customers, regardless of where they are and what they are doing. Something that was impossible before.


3. Christmas Gifting

Not only the way we buy gifts has changed, also the gifts given to our loved ones during the holiday season have changed over the past centuries. Traditional gifts have been replaced by smartphones, tablets, wireless headphones, fitness trackers, and many other technological devices.


4. Picking A Christmas Tree

It’s still as much a symbol of Christmas as ever, but nowadays, it’s – just as for regular Christmas shopping – the web that helps people choose their Christmas tree, no longer the sales advisor at their favorite plantation.


5. Christmas Communication

Christmas cards have long been a yearly tradition for most families, yet now that social network sites such as Facebook are becoming the favored way to share news of everything, this tradition is losing value. People can see year-round how the kids are growing or how the family is expending, instead of having to wait until December for the latest family photo.

Even if you still send out a Christmas card in the mail, there is another way technology is affecting Christmas celebrations. Nothing beats being home for the holidays, but the current pandemic doesn’t allow many families to physically celebrate together. Due to communication technology loved ones can still celebrate together virtually or catch up simultaneously on their favorite Christmas movie.


6. Christmas Decorations

No longer are the days of plain old boring string lights around the house. With the introduction of smart devices, Christmas trees aren’t only becoming much more unique, the devices also let you take control over the timing of your holiday decor. No need to worry any more about unplugging the tree or turning off the outside lights before going to bed. Your smartphone gives back (remote) control.


7. Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas sweaters used to be found in the clearance rack of most stores, not anymore! And they have even been taken to the next level with LED lights, music devices sewn in and the possibility of displaying your favorite Christmas animations right on the sweater.


8. Streaming Your Favorite Christmas Songs & Movies

Your favorite Christmas songs and music are just a click away nowadays. Instead of listening to the same station all day to hear your favorite Christmas song pass by, you can now listen to Mariah Carey on repeat all the time. The same goes for holiday movies thanks to streaming services such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime.


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