Say hello to a sustainable modern workplace thanks to mobco’s new partnership with Fairphone

Dec 22, 2021 | Hardware, Workplace Management

Dilbeek, Amsterdam, 22nd of December – Driving a sustainable business is a long term strategy and doesn’t happen overnight. As the first enterprise reseller combining services and hardware, mobco now offers a the Fairphone 4, a sustainable, long-lasting, and fair smartphone. mobco embarks on a mission to create a fairer, more sustainable electronics industry while supporting its enterprise customers even better in providing the best possible (sustainable) employee experience in the modern workplace. 

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Sustainability is an urgent and universal concern. It comprises and goes beyond the typical environmental issues. The challenge of a successful transformation towards a more sustainable business lays in balancing the need to keep in motion while making changes to reach its sustainable goals. A rather difficult exercise, but one that pays off as the future holds unparalleled opportunities for those that heal, rather than damage society.

To support its enterprise customers in taking their modern workplace to the next level and beyond, mobco is joining forces with the Amsterdam-based Fairphone, a social enterprise that is building a movement for fairer electronics by selling sustainable, long-lasting and fair hardware.


A heart for humans and the environment 

Fairphone is all about sustainability and the Fairphone 4 is no different. “Fairphone 4 is our most future-proof phone yet with up-to-date specs, including three high-quality cameras, a future-proof 5G with dual SIM, and a powerful processor. It’s the next step in Fairphone’s mission to pioneer more sustainable ways to make smartphones. It is designed to last; thanks to the modular construction and spare parts anyone can make repairs. Introducing a 5-year warranty ensures that our phones keep running smoothly and securely for years to come and has a lower environmental footprint. Our latest device is electronic waste neutral – an industry first – as Performance Standard certified vendors are included in our 14 focus materials”, says John van der Ree, Business Development Manager at Fairphone.

With its most sustainable smartphone yet, Fairphone aims at conquering the European market, a mission that it believes it can fulfill by joining forces with mobco. “With its local market knowledge and experience in the field of enterprise mobility management, mobco seemed to fit really well with our ambitions and growth strategy in the European enterprise segment”, continues John van der Ree.

By introducing mobco as the first enterprise Fairphone reseller offering extra services, such as enterprise configuration services, security and repair, mobco and Fairphone are taking fair to a whole new level. “If I would need to summarize the modern workplace in one word, I would select ‘choice’. Employees want flexibility in terms of when and where they work, but also want a say in the devices they use for work. The fact that our customers are increasingly looking for environmental, social and governance business partners, didn’t go unnoticed. By adding Fairphone to our hardware portfolio, we aren’t only enabling employee choice but are also working towards a more sustainable future!”, says Ulrik Van Schepdael, founder of mobco.


> The Fairphone 4 is available as of today through mobco’s sales channels. 

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