Why your company should offer Mac as an option in your employee choice program

Feb 24, 2022 | Apple, Hardware, mobco workplace

When we talk about Mac in the workplace, many typecast the typical corporate user as someone working in marketing or creative departments. Yet, 83% of those working in IT and HR feel that using a Mac is critical to their job function. As employee choice continues to move up the agenda, the traditional Apple doesn’t play well with others, is becoming less relevant than ever before. Not convinced yet that Mac might be a good fit with your enterprise’ needs? Read on to discover why you should offer Mac as a choice!


1. A competitive edge for recruiting talent

78% of Millennials believe having access to the technology they like at work makes them more effective. If given a choice, no less than two third of them would choose an Apple device. We don’t have to remind you that Millennials are the largest incoming workforce, right?


2. Boost employee happiness and productivity

When you consider the cost of staff recruitment, you want to go an extra mile to retain workers rather than to replace them. Retention relies on a lot of things. A raise, opportunities for personal progression, and, of course, using great tools. As Apple products demonstrate remarkably higher user satisfaction levels, employees using the device tend to be happier, more productive, and innovative and are less likely to leave the company. That’s a lot of assurance, no?


3. Choosing Apple saves you money

What if we told you that you can save up to €600 per device if your employees choose a Mac rather than a PC for work? Not only are employees using a Mac five times less likely to make support requests, choosing Apple also reduces hardware, software, and operational costs.


4. Security is a priority

Mac offers best-in-class security thanks to the combination of its M1 chip and MacOS Monterey. A safer browsing experience, in mail privacy protection, two-factor authentication, just to name a few of the features that come with purchasing an Apple M1 device. To ensure your technology fleet remains safe, Apple regularly publishes software updates resolving security flaws. As these updates now take place in the background, the operating system remains secure and up to date at all times. Cause your security is Apple’s priority!


5. Migrating was never easier

With the introduction of iCloud+ earlier this year, Apple has made it super-easy to migrate from one of its devices to another– a measurable cost benefit that’s been confirmed by IBM, stating that five times as many Windows users are experiencing issues when migrating to a new system.


6. IT becomes a cost benefit

What happens when your IT team no longer needs to spend their time on upgrading computers or resolving issues? They get to do something else! As employees using Macs make five times less support requests than Windows users, your technology experts will have more time to focus on systems integrations, software enhancements, integrating new digital technologies and much more. Say hello to that competitive business advantage!


7. Technology never dies

Four years after having implemented Apple devices in your IT infrastructure, your Apple equipment retains a relatively high resale value. A thousand-dollar PC may yield €200 four years later, a thousand-dollar Mac, may raise you up to €400. An added value that can be invested in boosting your employee satisfaction even more, no?


8. Mobile <3 Mac

As enterprises across the globe are increasingly responding to the mobile world, Apple went an extra mile to enable its users to work across Apple devices. Starting to work on one device and switching to another to pick up where you left off? Copy pasting content across devices? Using iOS apps on your notebook? Check, check, double-check!


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