Say hello to Hardware Comfort, the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution on the Belgian market

Dilbeek, Evere, February 16 – Accelerated by the pandemic, the future of work is here. Employers that want to stay competitive will have to put an emphasis on offering an outstanding employee experience by providing flexibility and choice, a mission to which mobco and Orange Belgium hope to contribute by launching Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium putting employees in control of their workplace and telco assets. 

Remote working was not always a top priority for organizations, but the corona crisis was a catalyst for change. With the end of the pandemic in sight, companies are preparing for the grand reopening of their physical offices, but those who want to continue to attract and retain top talent will not be able to simply return to the pre-corona crisis reality. Employees want to retain the flexibility to which they have become accustomed. The era of employee choice has arrived.

To operate successfully in this brave new world of work, a proper balance must be struck between technology, people, and processes, which remains a difficult challenge to tackle for many companies around the globe. With the arrival of Hardware Comfort, mobco and Orange Belgium aim at helping organizations of all sizes and sectors boost the overall employee experience by enabling them to become a workplace of choice.


Employee experience, more than a luxury

Technology, people, processes. The three pillars of a sustainable hybrid workplace, all pointing at one key concept, employee experience. As employees increasingly demand a say in when, how and where they work, those wanting to offer an unmatched employee experience should start looking into offering choice. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, the perfect solution might be lurking around the corner.

Hardware Comfort – the first fully integrated modern workplace management solution in Belgium with – as of today direct telecom impact – aims at empowering employees with self-service actions in the life cycle of the modern workplace. Ordering devices and SIM cards over registering devices in a corporate infrastructure to changing mobile subscription options, Hardware Comfort enables it all. mobco vouches for the configuration, delivery, management, security, and repair of all chosen workplace assets.

To provide maximum flexibility, the platform also offers the possibility of establishing a flex reward plan.Initiating such a plan is usually time-consuming and comes with a heavy administrative burden. With Hardware Comfort all administration is bundled in one tool and all workplace assets are being automated, making it easier than ever to offer the right benefits at the right time.

In short, Hardware Comfort boosts the employee experience by ironing out and simplifying the process of offering choice in the workplace. “To my knowledge, Hardware Comfort is the first platform where we fully integrate and automate telecom and IT services. With mobco workplace at its base, employees gain control over every aspect of the modern workplace. By providing choice in devices, delivery address, integration with flex income plans and telco subscriptions, we take the employee experience to the next level”, Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco.

And who better to assist mobco in fulfilling this mission than Orange Belgium. Together with Orange Belgium, mobco already supports companies such as Accenture, SBS SkillBuilders, Terumo and Atalian in becoming a workplace of choice. Now that Hardware Comfort enters the playing field, both partners are eager to support more organizations in enrolling a sustainable workplace of choice. “Orange Belgium has been a loyal partner and I’m excited to see the product on the market. It is the result of years of hard work”, Ulrik Van Schepdael concludes.