Myth Busting NIS2 and the Road to Compliance

Mar 14, 2024 | Security

The number, magnitude, sophistication, frequency, and impact of cyber-attacks are increasing, and present a major threat to organisations around the globe. Cybersecurity preparedness and effectiveness are therefore more essential than ever before.

To make European organisations aware of the importance of cybersecurity and encourage them to take appropriate measures around it, the European Union adopted a new version of the Network and Information Security Directive, NIS2.

By October 17, 2024, EU member states must transpose NIS2 into their national legislations. Yet, as timely preparation is a key element in an organisation’s journey towards compliance, the time to act is now.

To help your organisation tackle the misconceptions around NIS2 and guide you through recommended best practices for approaching compliance, we joined forces with Microsoft for an informative online session around NIS2.

During this one-hour webinar, NIS2 experts Paul Conaty and James Leo zoomed in on:

  • How NIS2 builds on the original NIS1
  • Who is in scope of NIS2
  • NIS2 myths and how to debunk them
  • How NIS2 affects multinational organisations
  • Microsoft’s NIS2 journey
  • Recommended practices for approaching compliance

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Watch the webinar