A robust mobile fleet, the step towards a future-proof modern workplace

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the supply chains of companies and entire industries. An issue nowhere as prominent as in the transportation and logistics industry. As the sector needs to be continuously connected, supply chains are becoming increasingly digital. So felt by transportation and logistics company JOST Group.

It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has impacted nearly every industry, forcing businesses to make quick adjustments and adaptations to stay afloat. Within the transportation and logistics sector, the effect of the pandemic was felt deeply. All businesses were forced to adapt and modernize in order to keep their operations running. A mission that could only be accomplished by embracing mobile technology.

As a one man’s job in the industry ranges from picking to consolidating over packing, traditional mobile solutions tend to fail. The modern supply chain requires the integration of all workflows into one system. And let robust mobile devices be the perfect companion in bridging such a gap as they provide real-time access to corporate data, have advanced connectivity options and are durable thanks to their robust build and design.


Misleading price tag

And yet, the price tag unfairly puts off many companies. Not only is the Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) of rugged devices significantly lower, productivity and efficiency get a big boost when embracing such devices. But looking to the future, those who are well-equipped will have the upper hand. And so JOST Group decided to take on the challenge and started looking for an efficient mobile solution to assist its drivers on and off the road while making life easier for its IT team.

The unique collaboration between mobco and Honeywell soon caught their eye. By joining forces with the duo, their drivers are now not only equipped with a suitable rugged device, the EDA52, their IT team is also supported in rolling out and managing its mobile fleet. “Honeywell and mobco joined forces to provide a seamless integration of the latest mobile computers within our existing infrastructure. In addition, mobco implemented Operational Intelligence – Honeywell’s effective IT management solution – which allowed us to further increase the productivity of our workforce. The platform teaches us how best to engage our mobile fleet and this throughout its entire life cycle “, says Sébastien Colaux, Telematic Manager at JOST Group.

“As a leading European player in transport and logistics, JOST Group was looking for a reliable and future-proof mobile solution to strengthen their traditional value chain. Honeywell’s comprehensive solution together with mobco’s experience and expertise in the mobility sector quickly proved to be the perfect fit. A good choice it seems, since the company is now reaping the benefits of their investment at both hardware and software level”, concludes Stefan Berth, Business Development Manager Modern Workplace at mobco.