Samsung, Studio 100 and mobco join forces to safely introduce children to the digital world


Today, children are growing up in a world that is permanently online. As a result, parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s digital well-being and privacy. With digital safety being a top priority of Samsung and Studio 100, they decided to join forces to safely introduce children to the digital world. A project they soon took mobco under their wing for.  

When research from Samsung showed that over half of the parents are concerned about their children’s digital safety, a collaboration with Studio 100 was quickly concluded. Over the years, Studio 100 has proven itself to be a producer of safe children content. Samsung, in turn, has the necessary hardware and software to create a safe digital experience.  

With the Studio 100 tablet, Samsung and Studio 100 enable young children to enjoy their favourite Studio 100 heroes by the means of movies, series, karaoke, and interactive games in a safe environment.  


The third musketeer

At the heart of this project lies high-performing hardware and flexible software. To bring the Studio 100 content to the children in a safe and efficient way, the hardware and software components must be well aligned. A mission for which Studio 100 and Samsung called in mobco’s help.   

“mobco has been a loyal Samsung partner for years and is one of the few Managed Service Providers in the Belgian market with the knowledge and expertise needed to build this bridge”, says Pascal Bungeneers, Samsung Head B2B Mobile & Wearables. “Over the years, mobco built up expertise in the Knox Suite solutions, such as Knox Configure. They used this expertise to translate our wishes into the offered solution.”  


Tailored, out-of-the-box user experience

By the means of Knox Configure, mobco remotely configures the tablets in bulk and tailors them to the specific needs of Studio 100 and Samsung. “Knox Configure enables us to push the content to the device in an efficient way, fully adapted to Studio 100’s brand identity. For Studio 100 and Samsung it was also important that the content cannot be exported to protect copyrights. At the same time, the content had to be consumable offline so that children can always enjoy their favourite Studio 100 heroes”, Björn Kemps, Client Solutions Director at mobco. Furthermore, the Knox Console allows mobco to have a real-time overview of the active devices, enabling their support team to take immediate action in case of incidents.  


A bright future ahead

“The combination of mobco’s years of experience and expertise in the industry, and the varied features in Knox Suite, allow Studio 100 to put a unique, distinctive, and child-friendly solution into the market”, states Ann Bisaro, Commercial Partnership Manager at Studio 100. “The positive feedback from customers and partners has been rewarded with strong sales figures. The third edition of the tablet was just released. We are confident that it will again be a big success”, continues Ann Bisaro.  

A successful collaboration that certainly doesn’t stop here. “Enabling children to explore the digital world in a safe way is a mission close to our hearts. We would therefore like to continue our joint efforts to raise the awareness among the youngest”, concludes Ann Bisaro.