The Three Musketeers: A tale of three partners collaborating to create a secure and mobile workforce

From the start, CapitalAtWork has endeavored to evolve alongside transformations in the digital space to better support customers. In the last couple of years, one of their main objectives has been to make all business applications available on a digital platform. This is where mobco came into the picture. The relation with mobco started in Luxemburg with a short consultancy mission for Foyer Group SA to evaluate the possibilities of mobile device management: a partnership based on mutual respect and expertise. An interview with Filip Vandorpe, Head of IT at CapitalAtWork Foyer Group.


Filip Van Dorpe, Head Of IT at CapitalAtWork.

Who is CapitalAtWork?

We are a dynamic asset manager for private and professional clients, CapitalAtWork is a subdivision of the largest independent insurance company in Luxembourg, Foyer S.A Group. Specifically, the company offers discretionary asset management and estate planning services tailored according to the needs, goals and risk appetite of each individual client. With seven offices across the three BeNeLux countries and over 130 professionals dedicated to providing customers with a trustworthy and comprehensive service, CapitalAtWork has been trusted with around €7.5 billion in assets.

With the help of mobco all employees were given an iPad. The device offered greater functionality and facilitated the mobility of the company’s workforce. This is especially important as the nature of their work often requires them to travel to meet with clients. As Filip Vandorpe, Head of IT for CapitalAtWork, attests “it acts as a true companion”.



Battles to overcome

Nevertheless, with a move towards greater mobility, remote working and the use of devices such as iPads and iPhones, comes a different set of challenges. The risk of falling for a phishing attack, for instance, is heightened as it becomes near impossible to assess the authenticity of a link from smaller screens. While CapitalAtWork had a multitude of security software in place, these were chiefly tailored for the traditional workspace. As such, a different strategy had to be employed.

Moreover, many employees across the company were skeptical as they misconceived data security as being ‘restrictive’, blocking and preventing them from doing what they needed to do to be successful at their job.


Meeting the third musketeer

As CapitalAtWork handles a great deal of sensitive data, the governance of information security is critical to their success, and they sought to implement an added layer of protection. This is when mobco introduced Lookout! mobco was convinced us in the quality of the product and the added value it could bring to our business.


The three musketeers achieve a secure and modern workforce

mobco brought the technology but also understood our infrastructure, concerns and roadmap. Because of mobco and Lookout, employees of CapitalAtWork have at their disposal all the tools needed to contact the client, present their strategy and methodology, onboard new clients and manage their relations anytime, anywhere and in a secure environment. This has helped CapitalAtWork significantly improve their customer experience. Indeed, even employees have come around to data security who now associate their iPads to the keywords, “mobility”, “security” and “reliability”.

Both mobco and Lookout’s ‘laser focus’ to provide the best in cybersecurity as well as in tools for the modern workplace, have kept CapitalAtWork ahead of the game in their industry. It has also saved them a great deal of time as well as an invaluable amount of money, for every employee they have stopped from clicking a malicious link.


Some sage words from Vandorpe

“In our digital journey, we’ve been supported and guided very well by our partners mobco and Lookout. From the beginning mobco consultants understood our needs and targets, and Lookout took care of our security. My first piece of advice would be to look for this kind of support and expertise when entering a digital project. My second piece of advice would be to invest, from the beginning, in the security controls of your digital environment, both on the device-level as well as on the software-level. Once security controls have been implemented and continuous monitoring has been put in place (as we have done in our organisation), further investments can be considered to improve the customer digital experience.”