A robust modern workplace? Check!

Mobility. In corona times more than ever the driving force to embrace a digital transformation strategy. A strategy that introduces new ways of working, but also calls for an investment in technology. A button that the security company SERIS quickly knew how to turn.


Eric Van Dam, ICT Coordinator At SERIS.

Although many technologies leave their mark on the rollout of the modern workplace nowadays, mobility is in the driving seat. And those who invest in mobility, do reap the benefits of it. New technologies make employees faster, more productive, and communicative.

However, finding a ready-made mobility solution that meets all the operational needs of an organization is not always easy. An everyday smartphone with a secure case may work for some, while others need a robust device with advanced mobile security. A question that soon popped up at security firm SERIS.


Mobility, a priority

“As market leader in integrated security solutions (optimal combination of surveillance, control room, electronic/technological security), SERIS wants to have the best tools in place to control and secure its staff. A first experience with a generic device, was not optimal. It was never certain whether the company applications worked effectively or were still on the device,” says Eric Van Dam, ICT Coordinator at SERIS.

Mobility is more than purchasing and deploying mobile devices. Who wants to roll out a well-functioning modern workplace, must equally invest in connectivity and mobile security to optimally protect the data and applications on the purchased devices. And so SERIS joined forces with mobco to work together towards a solution.

It soon became clear that there was a need for robust devices, deployable for very specific applications. “Already at the first meeting, mobco introduced a concept where we could easily control our devices and – also important – our costs. SERIS is a specialist in its domain and knows which apps it needs. mobco guided us in the search for the right devices – in this case the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 – and made sure that we no longer experience issues with the roll-out of our devices. From now on, the configuration runs automatically and the apps work anytime and anywhere”, Eric Van Dam says.

Although mobco is not at home in what SERIS exactly does, it was able to use its expertise to work out a tailor-made solution. “We do not know anything about the core business of SERIS, but we are specialists in the field of mobile configurations and were able to work out a specific configuration based on their needs”, says Ulrik Van Schepdael, CEO of mobco.

And with success, as it turned out. “The switch to devices with a specific configuration drastically reduced the number of problems and, at the same time, increased reliability”, concludes Ulrik Van Schepdael.