mobco and Samsung facilitate home care of Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen

Unburdening the nurses of Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen so that they can provide the best patient care possible, a mission for which mobco and Samsung joined forces.  


Bart Landuyt, Logistics Manager At Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen

Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen, an organization active in home care, has no less than 1.500 employees on board who are constantly on the road to offer their patients the best possible care. A mission that they can only accomplish due to close collaboration and consultation. And that, of course, includes the appropriate means of communication. “As communication is extremely important in our field, there was a need for new smartphones. In our search for new devices, ease of use was key. The more we can unburden our staff, the more time they can devote to taking care of their patients,” says Bart Landuyt, logistics manager at Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen.  

In its search for the right device, Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen joined forces with mobco and Samsung, who quickly came up with a suitable solution: the Samsung XCover 5 Enterprise Edition, a device that is very popular in the healthcare sector. “We continued on mobco’s advice and onboarded the Samsung XCover 5 Enterprise Edition. A device that can take a beating, is easy to disinfect and can be managed remotely thanks to the included Samsung Knox license”, continues Bart Landuyt. 

And let the Samsung Knox license be what reinforces the mission of Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen. “One of the promises included in the Enterprise Edition package is that Samsung provides sufficiently long and regular security updates. But what was even more important for Wit-Gele Kruis West-Vlaanderen was the access to Knox Suite, a bundle of software solutions that helps them manage, secure, and update their devices over the entire device lifecycle without the staff having to go over to the IT helpdesk,” says Kristof Albrecht, Key Account Manager at Samsung.  

The ease of use of Knox Suite – consisting of Knox Manage, Knox Platform for Enterprise, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Mobile Enrollment and Knox Configure – was a decisive factor in the choice for the Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 as this software solution would facilitate the roll-out and management of their new mobile fleet. “When the employee starts up the device for the first time, all applications, configurations, and settings are immediately pushed to the device. When a new or replacement device is obtained, the employee can start working immediately. That way, the nurses can focus on their core mission and that is taking care of their patients”, says Kevin Wouters, Sales Manager at mobco.  

And whether the new fleet was well received. “Thanks to mobco’s assistance, the roll-out of our 1.450 new devices went smoothly. The nurses have well received their devices and were very positive about the onboarding process, which gives us confidence to continue working together!”, concludes Bart Landuyt.