Talking NIS2 with Microsoft

Nov 7, 2023 | Security

Keen to step up your knowledge on the Network and Information Systems Directive 2.0?


Tune into CWSI’s Clients Solutions Director, Paul Conaty, interviewing with Nikoleta Gamanova, Partner Strategy and GTM at Microsoft and Tomás Casasco, Data Security Go to Market Lead in Western Europe Microsoft, where they discuss the hot topic of the upcoming NIS2 directive.


Speakers NIS2 Interview Microsoft


This second recollection of the original NIS directive will come into national law on October 17th 2024, bringing a set of common standards that will affect a minimum of 180,000 European organisations across 18 sectors. Despite being a year away, the group touch on the actions organisations should be taking NOW to be ready in time for NIS2. This includes utilising the technology IT teams already hold in their hands, as well as the idea of being proactive rather than reactive in business’ security strategy.

Tomás takes you through the pillars of NIS2 and where Microsoft are seeing the security gaps from their customers, which will need to be filled prior to the enforcement of NIS2. The group also discuss why each organisation will need a different roadmap to approaching the directive and the steps they should take to analyse where they are in their security posture.



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