How To Future-Proof Your Workforce

With more than 60% of organisations actively giving employees the freedom to choose where they log on, the pressure on IT teams to reinforce hybrid workers increases significantly.

To operate successfully in today’s working from anywhere workplace, new, flexible tools for management and configuration are a must. To get you up to speed on the IT challenges related to hybrid working and how to overcome them, Product Director, Wouter Troost, shared some tips and tricks during our Future-Proof Your Workforce webinar on May 25, 2023.

During this one hour online session, he, among other things, dove deeper into how to:

    • Better respond to the growing and changing workforces.
    • Optimise the protection and management of your technologies to fit the demands of the modern workplace.
    • Tackle the shortage of IT skills and available resources.
    • Reduce the overall costs related to workplace management.
    • Proactively address future challenges.

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