When will you start protecting your private data?

May 22, 2019 | Security, Workplace Management

Do you have a security app on your smartphone or tablet? No? Then you should definitely keep on reading! Most mobile users do not think their device need to be protected because they believe they’re careful when downloading apps or clicking on links. But no matter how hard you try, it is simply impossible to protect your data from hackers without the proper protection. And we will show you why.


Why mobile security is so important

Research from our mobile security partner Lookout shows that 56% of mobile phone users have clicked on a phishing link. This means that more than half of the people reading this article have been a phishing victim in the past year. If you are one of those unfortunate clickers, your microphone could be turned on right now, there could be someone going through your texts and photos or even your “secured” bank information.

Then there’s also the WhatsApp hack: it was recently announced that spyware was installed within WhatsApp. This meant that hackers were able to access the phones of people using WhatsApp, including calls, texts, contacts, camera and microphone of the WhatsApp users. The vulnerability illustrates a new way of attacks that easily escape the App Store gatekeepers, as it is installed after the app is activated on the victim’s device.


The misconception about security apps

People often hesitate to use a security app because they fear it will invade the employee’s privacy by monitoring its mobile behavior. Not true, these security apps are designed to monitor cyberattacks and to safeguard the data stored on your phone.


Secure all your data: private and professional

Your smartphone contains your professional and private life: it is your bank, diary, camera, GPS, calendar, communication & work tool,… all in one. It demands proper protection!

Implementing the right security tools within your organization will benefit all employees as it will secure all data, including their private data. Everybody benefits from a better mobile security; it requires awareness around the threats and communication around the actual measures that are taken (or can be taken). The higher the adoption rate, the better secured your company is, the better your private data is.


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