The Importance Of Choice In The Workplace

To choose or let them choose. That is the question to ask when looking into upgrading or replacing workplace devices. For a while, the answer was simple: give everyone the same tools. But, as the COVID-19 crisis has put the world of work upside down, organizations must increasingly start looking for new ways to retain and attract top talent. As technology plays a significant role in either improving or degrading the employee experience, an employee technology choice program might be the ultimate companion in tackling this challenge. Read on to discover why. 

The abrupt closure of many offices and workspaces due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis ushered in a new era of remote work for millions of employed Europeans. As home working is here to stay, many perks businesses typically offer to attract and retain top talent – such as free food, gyms, and a slick office – are unusable. Every organization striving to provide an unmatched employee experience should therefore start looking for new alternatives. While this may seem like a daunting challenge, the solution is quite simple.

Let’s face it, nobody likes working with technology that feels old, unfamiliar, and substandard. The technology used in the workspace is thus key to improving or degrading the employee experience. Organizations that offer technology options in the form of a choice program do reap the benefits of it. Here are five reasons how giving employees choice in technology can benefit your business.


1. Get the most out of your employees

When enabling employee choice, you let your employees choose among brands of computers and mobile devices that they are familiar and comfortable with to do their jobs. 85% of employees that are given a choice in workplace technology, claim to feel more productive and creative. Arming employees with the tools they want to work with allows them to execute their responsibilities quickly as they don’t have to bother learning how to work with an unfamiliar device. More time and energy thus to put in creative initiatives and discovering how to be more efficient in doing their job.


2. Boost retention & attract new talent

Although there are a variety of motivators for why an employee chooses one workplace over another, being able to work with their favorite workplace devices is moving up the list. Nearly 70% of workers would be more likely to choose or stay at an organization that offers choice. Giving employees the possibility of choosing their own workplace tools shows that you care about providing them with the opportunities to succeed, boosting retention.


3. Increase job satisfaction

Choice programs show employees that you care about their preferences and opinions. When given the resources they need to be successful, employees feel valued leading to higher job satisfaction and better business outcomes. When debating whether to implement employee choice programs the question should not be why, rather why not.


4. Secure & easy to manage

Many organizations around the globe are focusing on enrolling a future-proof workplace meeting the needs of both remote workers and the future hybrid workplace. Giving your employees the option of choosing their own device will not have the dire consequences many expect. Mobile device management and endpoint security solutions are the bridge to supporting various devices in ways organizations couldn’t in the past. What was once considered a hindrance or even a security threat may now be among the biggest selling points!


5. Profitable & Sustainable

When you decide to offer employee choice, we can help you do it in a profitable and sustainable way. With our self-developed mobco workplace portal, we support you through the entire workplace life cycle. Our responsibility begins with enabling your employees to – all by themselves – order and manage the corporate tools they want to work with and ends when the device has reached the end of its shelf time. All you have to do is make a choice in budget and available devices per position and function. We take care of the configuration, delivery, management, and repair.