How Technology Can Help You Become An Employer Of Choice

Being recognized as an employer of choice puts you in the driver’s seat for recruiting, hiring, and retaining the best and the brightest. And when the job market is competitive, having potential employees seek you out is a very opportune position to be in. However, being an employer of choice isn’t a status that is easily attained and maintained. It requires a thoughtful and strategic approach that begins with providing right technology. Here’s a list of how technology can facilitate becoming a great place to work! 


1. Create a culture of choice

Today’s employees want the option to pick from several devices. Almost 90% of employees would take a pay cut to use the workplace tools that they prefer. Employers that allow workers to choose between brands of computers, mobile devices, and software that they are familiar and comfortable with, are letting employees shape their on-the-job experience. Not only will they feel valued and cared about, they will also be more productive, creative and efficient as they don’t have to bother learning how to work with new, unfamiliar workplace tools. Freeing up time for creative initiatives and discovering how to be more efficient on the job? Check!


2. Iron out your internal processes

It’s not only about the tools that you give your employees so they enjoy their work, it is also important to identify where you can remove obstacles and frustrations. How many times have you found yourself cursing the hoops you have to jump through to sign off on the needed workplace tools. Not only is it a waste of time, it’s also an emotional drain. An entirely frictionless employee experience may seem like a dream, but by smoothing out some key processes with the regards of choosing and ordering workplace tools, you’ll definitely get a few steps closer.


3. Focus on benefits that matter

Different employees, various needs. In today’s workplace, every employee has different expectations when it comes to rewards and recognition. A flexible reward plan, which gives employees the option to choose their own benefits, is the solution to the challenge. But before looking into which flex reward solution best suits your needs, you need to learn more about what your employees value and listen to their feedback. Enrolling a cafeteria plan meeting the needs and values of both the employees and the organization can be a challenging task, but it will be a pleasure to have involved and dedicated employees on board, believe us!


4. Access to information

Employers of choice share information with their employees that ranges from the company’s financial progress and results to the status of their workplace tools. When employees feel ‘in the know’, they understand they are part of something bigger than just their job description which is motivating, exciting and something they are actively looking for when applying for a position. Data is the new gold!


5. Bring it all together

With our self-developed mobco workplace portal, we can help you empower your employees and become an employer of choice. Our responsibility begins with enabling your employees to request, order and manage the preferred flexible benefits and workplace tools by themselves and this through a simple and secure dashboard. All you have to do is choose a budget and construct a portfolio of available tools per position and function. Our mission continues with delivering the devices pre-configured for work at the location of choice. We also take care of the management, security, and repair. You can watch over as the portal provides a great real-time overview of all workplace assets, simplifying life and reducing the time to manage.


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