mobco launches Safety Instructions to help businesses return to work safely

For the protection and health of their visitors and workers, organizations are obliged to publish safety instructions. Today, also Covid-19 security measures have to be included. To give every worker or visitor easy access to these instructions, mobco developed a user-friendly app that can be customized easily to each company.

In collaboration with its Dutch partner BLAUD, also member of the EMEA, the app was built on the insight that a safe and continued return to work requires strong communication between employers, workers and visitors. With immediate, up-to-date information, the uncertainty around the return to work is reduced, as well as the overload on the already over-stretched HR-department. By simply scanning a QR-code at the entrance of the building, visitors have access to the safety measures applied on site.

The app is available in multiple languages and can be downloaded on the Google Play or Apple App Store.