4 Tips to Develop a Future-proof Digital Workplace Strategy

The sudden move to a remote working model requires a change of approach for employees, but also results in a significant workload and ongoing challenges for IT teams. The message is clear: remote and hybrid working calls for a change in IT mindset. Ahttps://mob.co/resource/apple-for-enterprise-tech-deep-dive-2022/wrnd we are happy to lend you a hand. Follow the tips below and delivering a best-in-class digital workplace strategy putting employee experience up front will be piece of cake! 

Due to the spread of the COVID-19 crisis, remote working became an overnight requirement for many organizations. Although the migration went reasonably well in such a short period of time, there are a few pitfalls that you should be aware of. Delivering a best-in-class digital workplace, highlighting an excellent employee experience, requires strategic planning, in-depth-know-how, sufficient resources, investment and the right technology. Let us get you started with the following four tips!


1. Develop a digital workplace technology roadmap

As the remote working model is here to stay, it’s more important than ever to successfully develop a future-proof digital workplace strategy. The first step? Putting into place the right foundations by selecting the correct hardware. As the European Mobile & Remote Working Survey proves, a persona-based approach is the way to go. Less unplanned IT investments, higher operational efficiency and a boosted employee experience, check!


2. Evaluate the internal capability and capacity to enroll & optimize your future workplace

The rapid shift to supporting a remote working model and the scale at which UEM solutions, devices and operating systems are evolving place strain on IT services. And let this internal skills gap be the exact reason why organizations fail to optimize their technology stack for remote working models. The message? Objectively evaluate whether your internal capability and capacity can deploy, support and continuously optimize your modern workplace. We are happy to lend you a hand by brushing up your knowledge of the modern workplace during one of our half-day free Workplace Management workshops. Eager to discover how to see the Workplace 2.0 and how to cope with the challenges it brings? Don’t delay, register today!


3. Engage certified and proven external partners to support your modern workplace

In the age of IT skills shortages, the time to consider building long-term relationships with external providers has arisen. Sourcing and engaging a knowledgeable, certified and proven workplace management partner enables you to replace fixed labor costs by external costs on a pay-per-use basis and frees up your IT team for strategic work, killing two birds with one stone!


4. Consider managed service options for digital workplace technologies

But what if we told you that enrolling and managing your digital workplace can be done even more efficiently? With mobco workplace your IT team should no longer worry about the complexity of managing different devices using multiple management platforms. Registering, retiring and locking one or multiple devices simultaneously can be done with one mouse click. Not convinced yet? By choosing mobco workplace, we open up our expert support to your employees, answering all their workplace questions 24/7. Saving you time, money and resources to invest in your core business.


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